Deface the Music

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Music nobody listens to

Lots of things I’d like to say, but more than half of them would result in fights with more than half of the commenters here, so I am just going to post a favorite song:


I love this album.  Simple, four piece guitar-bass-drums power pop.

  1. It is perhaps a measure of how different it is, year over year, that I got a check in the mail today and I am not bothering to deposit it until tomorrow.

  2. Go on, say those things and deal with the fights. We’ll all look forward to the “make up sex” and subsequent cuddling.

    Oh, and thanks for setting me straight about the spelling of “Gangnam”.

  3. You tickled my spelling zombie bone, BBBB.

    Go on, say those things and deal with the fights. We’ll all look forward to the “make up sex” and subsequent cuddling.

    It doesn’t seem to work that way anymore, Big.

    But in any case, here’s one for….well, somebody anyway.

  4. but more than half of them would result in fights

    Oh that is just fucking BULLSHIT.

  5. If I could embed a gif into a comment I would. But I would have to go and transfer it to youtube, and it’s time to make another drink, so I can’t be arsed.

  6. Said it before, I am not too proud to Zardoz my own goddam thread. What the hell, I spend most of every day talking to myself anyways….

  7. I really should make a YouTube video for that and put buttershots lady in as the soundtrack.

  8. M. Bouffant says:

    Well, I don’t have anything to type, or say, or think, even, so you’re one up on me. No checks either. I listened to Utopia though. It’s no Todd Rundgren.

  9. mikey says:

    Let’s see, whatever shall we fight about today. Computers? Nah, that’s dumb. Guns? I can’t ever draw any of you unarmed lefties into a decent argument – at least the wingnuts are good for something. Cars? Meh, they’re all the same these days, and a righteous muscle car costs more than we make in a couple years. Airplanes, ideologies, religion, authors…meh.

    About the only thing I’ve been able to really light people up with lately is merely pointing out that relativity pretty much precludes interstellar travel, and that means that alien visits to earth are fantasies. And their amazing flying saucers are figments of overwrought imaginations.

    Apparently people raised on Star Trek and Star Wars and Star 80 are not happy with the conclusions of the scientific community…Quick, somebody jump in here and tell me about the Alcubierre drive and how we’ll all be hanging out on the beach on Gliese 581 g in a couple years. ‘Cause I’m going to tell you that you’re gonna need some of The Spice…

  10. Well, no mikey. I don’t think anybody is saying teh Alcubierre drive is an imminent thing.

    But I did read an article where some theoretical Big Brains at NASA are looking to perform some Chicago Pile tests-of-concept. And there have been people proposing workarounds for the massive energy sinks required.

    It’s not as if anybody claims to have a working Warp Drive yet. I mean except Gene Roddenbery, and where has he gotten to anyway? Remember there was a time when traveling faster than a horse was also considered to be impossible….

    Star 80?

    But yeah, flying saucers are hallucinations. Or bad special effects. Look, if YOU were an alien race tooling around the ‘verse, would YOU stop at this redneck banjo-playing pig-squealing asshole of a planet? HELL NO, you would just make sure you stay outside the sphere of devastation if any of us suicidal goons push the button.

    I know! Let’s fight about blogging! Cuz ALL OF YOU are doing it fucking wrong, and I know that because y’all’s blogs are not like mine.

    O! WAIT! Let’s fight about drinks. I HATE …. well, wait, let me see here. I guess I don’t hate any drinks.


    OK, carry on.

  11. mikey says:

    Southern Comfort made me puke once.

    No, twice.

    But to be fair it coulda been the bad speed pillz….

    • Twice in separate events, or in one night?

      I confess I have had the same experience with SC. But I was 18, so I am not sure I can blame it on the booze per se. However, I still pretty much avoid it, just on general principles.

    • I find it weird to think of how bad the speed pills would have had to be. Some kind of home-cooked variant? I confess my experience with hi-test speed is limited, but always remarkable in HOW MANY TIMES I had to run my hands through my hair….

      • mikey says:

        Me and a partner of mine back in the early eighties had a pill press in his garage. Dood, we’d make speed pills out of just about anything but dog food – it simply wouldn’t hold together right. I had a roomate who was selling a lot of cocaine one time and we had a GREAT BIG bottle of inositol on the coffee table and people would buy from him anyway. We thought that was hilarious….

  12. Also, and TOTALLY NOT RELATED to the three BrainTinis I have had so far, is that I have taken mikey’s favorites into consideration and downloaded Mechanical Resonance. Further reports as warranted.

    FWIW, I have also harassed the upside-downies regarding and Australian band, and immediately had to walk it back. So you can see what kind of state I am in.

    FWIW, here’s a video of the band in question, Brother:

    Does not do them justice.

    For several years, they performed every year at Summerfest. Didgeridoos and bagpipes and anthemic music, O my yes. Like a cross between Big Country and Midnight Oil. And Kilties too! Even got to the point where Landmark Lanes put their CDs on the jukebox.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      I have also harassed the upside-downies regarding and Australian band
      Did you? I wasn’t paying attention.

      May or may not bother going to the Chills tomorrow night.

  13. mikey says:

    Tesla had the perfect combination of metal guitars, powerful vocals and lyrics with meaning. You couldn’t sit there and NOT be entranced by the soaring power. The thing that separated the (good) metal bands was the vocals – Axl, Jeff Keith, Bon Scott, Gavin Rossdale, Vince Neil – these are guys that can bring 80 thousand people to their feet and make them FEEL something, and that is a rare skill.

    One thing that came close was one night when I went to see Bush in like ’94 and Gavin came out on stage in an almost painfully brilliant white spot all alone and did “Glycerine”, just him and his guitar and a microphone. It absolutely sent chills up your spine. The tiniest flick of his wrist sent this incredible sound coursing through your ears. The sound seemed almost decoupled from the mechanical action.

    • Glycerine always makes me perk up and listen.

      Interesting you mention Bon Scott. I have talked about him before, in the “Songs That Made Me Rotten” and FWIW I am listening to my AC/DC library right the fuck now.

      “I said baby, what’s the going rate, she told me to go to hell”

      I think your line about making the audience FEEL something is the key, and that is where you and I connect primally on music, even if we often disagree on the particular genre. You are much more inclined toward hair-metal and mainstream hard rock; I am much more oriented toward punk, DIY, and less-artful modes of expression (admitting a parallel affection for metal and prog)

      But yanno, that’s where the fucking rubber meets the fucking road. That’s why I go see these bands all the time; can they make me FEEL it? Recordings and MP3s are always a space apart. Removed. But when a band is up on a stage, 2 or 3 feet above you (and sometimes, in the best venues, not even that; you are right there in the midst of the band) are they able to make you feel what they wanted you to feel when they wrote the song?

      Many times the feelings engendered have nothing to do with the bands songs. sometimes, they do. The Dead Kennedy’s song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” leaves little room for interpretation.

      But I generate so many of the things I write down there in the depths of what a band means when they write something, when they play something. And I admit that sometimes those are not the same things.

      Like I say, over and over again, rock music is supposed to be heard in some kind of live venue, loud, and hot and sweaty with a bunch of other sweaty drunk people. It’s rock n roll, that’s hwo ti fucking works. And when it licks, it’s as good as anything can be.

    • I saw the Replacements one year, on the Pleased to Meet Me tour, and it was the drummers birthday. The got pretty drunk during the afternoon, Chris Mars played the set in clown makeup; the rest of the band gave him a birthday present by allowing him an unanticipated drum solo. (He hates drum solos, like I do, so he did it by playing a basic thud thud thud rhythm until they all came back out)

      Later, they played an incendiary first encore, then for the second encore, Westerberg was too drunk to stand up an play, so they put a chair down and he played a drunken mashup of “Skyway” and “Fuck School”

      The important thing about music, especially in the face of the rising oceans not to mention the zompocalypse, is to remember that all of you breathers are Musical Humans, in one form or another. You all love music. You can all participate, even if it just pounding on an empty water jug. Music is one of the best things humans ever do, and it is even better when it is not limited to what some music industry zombie thinks it should be…

  14. mikey says:

    Right on, mi amigo muerte. It is love, a sensual, tactile thing that is has sounds and smells and colors and touches us in secret places and makes us tell the truth, even when we’d prefer to lie. It is the closest thing to magic and spirituality I’ll accept in a world I insist is ruled by equations and observations. Ultimately, it’s all brain chemistry and Evo/Devo, but it feels like the Holy Ghost….

  15. mikey says:

    What I want I stash
    What I don’t I smash…

  16. Pinko Punko says:

    OK, we have a giant bottle of The Kraken because fun bottle, fun label, but compare to Sailor Jerry’s- have not had.

  17. another kiwi says:

    Is this the Venting Office?
    What the fuck is wrong with NZ? The present government have just finished fellating Sir Peter Jackson at the première of his sodding dwarf movie. The Prime fucking Minister gave a speech where he praised the people of New Zild for their support when they fucked a sector of NZ workers in the eye socket for Warner Brothers. Not, you understand, because WB asked for it, no he delivered the cold dead corpse of the actors union to the moguls on a plate as a pre-emptive gift. So that the bloody dwarf flick would get made here.
    Now the media flipped out of their collective fucking mind about the première and drooled and/or wanked all over it for days. We had a public display of how we prostituted our legal system for a few fucking dollars and they fucking revelled in it. Ye haar ain’t we the whores of the world?
    At the same time we have seen a Science person person attacked in the media because he dared to get quoted in the New York Times and tell the fucking truth about our fucked up ecosystem BECAUSE IT MIGHT AFFECT FUCKING TOURISM!!! Never mind that the nation’s waterways resemble shit soup. Don’t upset the tourists!
    So fuck all these suited fuckers they are degrading our environment and our people to make some other fuckers rich in the belief that we can sort through their shit for undigested food.
    And fuck New Zealanders fucking love it, Never mind bend over for it, they chase the analists waving their arses around.
    I’m sick of the whole fucking shit pile of them.

  18. Also, I am little weirded out when Pinko shows up for more than one drive-by comment…

  19. mikey says:

    …they chase the analists waving their arses around.

    You have to admit this is a wonderfully hilarious visual. I’d watch the cartoon.

    Over and over again…

  20. mikey says:

    I tried a bottle of the Kraken for much the same reasons Pinko cites. It was pretty good, although drinking something that resembles squid ink can be a little disconcerting. I went with Sailor Jerry’s as my everyday rum for one reason. At 20 bucks a BIG bottle and 92 proof it is the most functionally efficient cocktail that isn’t vodka.

    As Bill Clinton informed us so eloquently, it’s just arithmetic…

  21. mikey says:

    BAY AREA STORM WATCH 2012!!!!1!!

    Yes. It is raining.

    And Northern California undergoes its annual collective freakout.

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