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Posted: December 9, 2012 in Music nobody listens to, Thread Open; have at it.

New Sunday thread, nothing really to say.  But since Cole at Balloon Juice did a thread on it, Imma steal his threadle, rather than get into his 300+ comments and start a fight, because Christmas time is time for starting a fight in your own fam damily, amirite?

Also, bored, because the Pack doesn’t play till later and the choice is waste time on the Internet or do work and I think we all know how THAT will be resolved, don’t we?

What he suggested was a list of what I consider perfect albums.  Not favorite, but start to finish a perfect slab of LP that more often than not will be listened to as a whole bit, rather than on shuffle.  Obv, the standard for this has to be pretty damn high.   His selections, of course, were completely wrong, so I am starting my own kerfuffle over here.

  1. Mekons, Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Opening with an escalating, accelerating guitar solo and then blasting out with Langford’s defiant “Destroy your safe and happy lives/ before it is too late.  The battles we fought were long and hard/ just not to be consumed by Rock n Roll” it rambles through alt-rock, punk, and alt-country in a wide ranging broadside against the Music Industry.  On their major-label debut, no less.
  2. Clash, London Calling.  Of course.  In fact, I once had a cassette that had this on one side, and the Mekons one on the other.  IT WAS SPLENDID.
  3. REM, Automatic for the People.  Simply stellar, hitting on all cylinders from start to finish.  Perhaps a bit more mellow than they typically had been, but the simpler quieter songwriting allowed Stipe to actually sing for a change.
  4. Dinosaur Jr, Green Mind.  38 minutes, but WHAT PERFECT 38 minutes.  Essentially J Mascis solo, but so perfectly conceived.
  5. Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend.  See here.

I am sure I have plenty more that could be added, or are nearly as stellar, but we can’t be here all day.  Or can we?

Be excellent in the comments.  I will go out on a limb here and predict that ONE PERSON will bring up “Mechanical Resonance”.

Also, it appears that Los Angeles dodged a bullet.  Scheduled Zombie Invasion of other parts of the country has been time-shifted from spring to early summer, and location has been changed to Denver and the hills.

  1. Pinko Punko says:

    Uh, Replacements “Let it Be”

  2. BDR says:

    Yo La Tengo, *I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.* Lambchop, *Nixon.*

  3. mikey says:


    1. Tesla, Mechanical Resonance. Not the best band, not the best songs, but the best Album-as-singular-construct. The way the songs contribute to each other, build on the overall emotion and lead to an overall experience that is substantially better than any of its parts.

    2. The Refreshments, The Bottle and Fresh Horses. Just fun, great songs in a package that keeps you smiling or sobbing, the simple test is start it playing then try to convince yourself to stop it at any point.

    3. Boston, Don’t Look Back. Perfect rock n roll, the sounds of Tom Scholtz’s customized instruments, the wonderful melodies, Brad Delp’s soaring vocals. It makes you drive fast and twitch, and that’s what rock n roll is supposed to do.

    Honorable Mention:

    1. Warren Zevon, Excitable Boy. It would be in this category, perhaps even number one, except for the execrable “Night Time in the Switching Yard” an agonizing experience in Warren’s speed – fueled requirement to add a last few minutes of music to an otherwise perfect album

    2. Tie – Elton John, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player & Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pronounced. Both completely meet the necessary qualifications and criteria for inclusion on the list, but sadly, neither are holding up as well over geologic time as one would expect…

  4. I think I should have included that first Violent Femmes album.

  5. OT, but the projection bulb in our teevee is failing, so I may have to resort to a backup screen for the Packer game.

    • mikey says:

      I’ve got plenty of Rum and teevee-ness, although I’m having to do without Brie this week. So I’ll be watching along with you, fully prepared to provide cheering or mockery depending upon the progress of the festivities…

      • Have addressed the lack of rum. Backup vodka in the cabinet, and emergency backup beer in the basement. I feel adequately prepared, except for when people in the family disparage my only skills, drawing, as “pretty useless”. I am tempted to address their argument with a shovel. Also considering using Shovel Training Techniques to teach them HOW TO TURN THE FUCKING LIGHTS OFF WHEN THEY LEAVE A ROOM.

  6. perhaps I will run out and stock up on rum. Yes, that seems more likely….

  7. Now I miss the Thinking Fellers.

  8. I had to watch the Redskins on the laptop.

    AT LEAST they won…

  9. With the Bears going down like a five dollar hooker today, the Packers can manage control of the NFC North by beating Detroit for the second time. It’s snowing in Lambeau, so it’s Packer Weather….

  10. another kiwi says:

    I followed Mikey’s tracks through the snow to get here (tiddly pom). I hope ZRM is happy.
    Perfect albums are: 10,9,8,7… – Midnight Oil
    Let England Shake- P.J.Harvey
    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars- You know, that guy.

  11. Packers, on the other hand, will be on the teebee.

    Because we get two stations here, NBC and Ion.

  12. mikey says:

    So I’m looking at the snow falling on the frozen tundra, and I looked at my map and Milwaukee is something on the order of 130 kilometers south, but I assume you can go outside and catch snowflakes on your tongue, which is pretty cool.

    We can drive up to Reno/Tahoe to get snow, but it (almost) never happens down this close to the coast. And while it makes everyday life hard, it sure is beautiful.

    So build a fire and hunker with hot babes. It’s goddam sixty five degrees Fahrenheit here and nothing interesting can be expected to happen…

  13. it’s not snowing here.

    As mikey points out, we are a fair distance away, most significantly, to the south. In addition, our place is nearby a relatively big heat sink, Lake Michigan, on a portion of the coast that bumps out into the lake. So overall, we are usually a bit warmer than the rest. The upshot is that we don’t have snow today.

  14. mikey says:

    So no snow on Chez Zombie and nobody killed the turkey.

    I dunno. Seems like a weird place where everything is in the middle, with a fascist governor and weird weather and nobody eats the serendipitous turkeys.

    But you have boots with fur around the tops, right? Tell me you have boots with fur…

    • …and nobody killed the turkey.

      Well, that is not a given. I only watched it long enough until it walked out of sight. No idea what happened after that, although in my college days, us punks would have made shor work of it, and worn it’s feathers on our coats.

  15. mikey says:


    Seems like something disappointing is happening.

    Of course, the Cowboys came back n shit, so hoo nose, right?


  16. mikey says:

    Well, sure, that’s ONE way to get six points…

  17. Stafford taketh, and then he giveth back (eth).

  18. mikey says:

    Wow. You mean Green Bay is better than Detroit?

    Man, didn’t see that coming.

    Think I’ll hit the couch…

    • Green Bay is looking weak and less-than-effective on several levels. And yet, they win, against pretty strong opponents.

      For myself, I wonder if that is not a better attitude going into playoff season, rather than feeling invincible. Knowing you can come back from a first quarter 14 point deficit by plying smashmouth is a good thing to know.

      And, not to beat a dead bear, but if that fucking Seattle game had been adjudicated even close to properly, the Pack would be 10-3 and this discussion would be moot….

  19. Teh Pack is bound and determined to kill me – again. Too many years of this shit…

    Hmm, records I always listen too as albums:
    The Refreshments = Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy
    Chris Whitley – Living With The Law
    Iron Maiden (Di’anno) – Killers

    There are others but those come to mind.

  20. Honest to squatch, tryna kill me.

  21. Ooof. Thank FSM…

    Its not a good thing that I saw the whole FG-Onside-Hail Mary scheme working – we’ve had a helluva season.

    Al Michaels is a turniphead.

  22. OT as hell: I like that the Andorians in “Enterprise” have wiggly antennae. Advances in SFX make our lives better!

  23. mikey says:

    Roger Clyne is clearly NOT a turniphead…

  24. mikey says:

    Oh. It occurred to me last night that Greetings from Asbury Park and the eponymous ‘Fleetwood Mac’ albums could go on this list too. My ten o’clock phone interview with the CEO dood got postponed, so I ate a crumpet. That’ll teach the bastard. I need to go to the store, but my entire lower body feels like it was waterboarded – I walked all over the Big City on Saturday, and I’m still half bloody crippled. Dammit. I have an initial screening call with a company I applied at over 2 months ago. If they haven’t found anybody they want yet, what are the chances they’re going to hire me? Jeezus, they must be down at the bottom of the stack with the boogers and coffee rings n shit…

  25. Ramones’ first four albums
    “Underwater Moonlight” by the Soft Boys… pretty much any Robyn Hitchcock album
    “Tra” by Hedningarna
    “Germfree Adolescents” by the X-Ray Spex
    “The Crossing” by Big Country- we always cued this up whenever we played a game of Risk- it was our family ritual.

  26. mikey says:

    Voting for tonight’s turniphead award is now open. That old ESPN guy with the stumblin-bumblin is gonna get my vote….

  27. mikey says:

    Oh, I should mention that obscure Oddfellow weblog post title keeps making me hear that handsome dood with the partially buttoned shirt singing “Longfellow Serenade” which is weird in a buncha ways…

  28. Nick says:

    Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Also, The Wall. Personally, also also Wish You Were Here, but I may be reaching. Genesis, Lamb Lies Down and possibly Duke. The Beatles, nearly any of them, but most especially Sgt. Pepper. The Who, Who’s Next.

    • Much as I love them, I decided that I couldn’t award Genesis a ‘perfect’ album. Even Lamb has issues. Similar with Rush, although again Moving Pictures comes pretty close. (and I mention Rush here as straight-up J-bait. Either she rears up and comments, or she continues AWOB, in which case it doesn’t matter).

      I came close to saying Trick of the Tail, or maybe Duke.

      I am not much of a Beatles fan, so none of them reached that level for me. Great collections of great songs, perhaps, but none that I would think of as indispensable and perfect as an album. As said, though, I don’t have the depth there to make the call.

  29. Whale Chowder says:

    Nick covered some of mine. I second London Calling, and toss in Steely Dan’s Aja, The Boss’ Born to Run (props to Greetings from… too). Chicago II. Prolly more but can’t think of any offhand.

  30. M. Bouffant says:

    Any vinyl from the days before it was easy to skip a track. In other words, if you were so chilled on reefer & booze it wasn’t worth getting up to skip a track, let alone the possibility of scratching the disc, it flowed.

    I’m more interested in the idea that every great album has one track that sucks. Like the first MC5 album, w/ the sucky ballad.

    • Any vinyl from the days before it was easy to skip a track. In other words, if you were so chilled on reefer & booze it wasn’t worth getting up to skip a track, let alone the possibility of scratching the disc, it flowed.

      The original vinyl release of the Jam’s SNAP! double LP had the classic 1/4 – 2/3 side pressing, so they could be played an LP changer, and then the stack could be flipped. Now that’s retro.

  31. M. Bouffant says:

    Fucking WordPress is making it very difficult to comment here.

  32. Nick says:

    Fucking Word Press… was that a Sex Pistols album?

  33. Look at this. It’s a total fucking hangout. You love people.

  34. I’m late (surprise) and nobody will care, but:

    I’d go with Pink Floyd’s “Animals” over the others already mentioned by them.

    As to more recent stuff — I don’t have a lot of it, but I think Cold War Kids “Robbers & Cowards” is a good whole-album-listen.

  35. I’m kinda disturbed by how closely your list would mirror mine. I’d add, among others not mentioned, Peter Gabriel’s third album and Nick Drake’s Pink Moon.

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