Bullet The Blue Sky

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Body Count

Charlie Pierce posted this poem as a coda to a horrible, no good, very bad week; but I prefer the waterboys version:

Last night I took Wife Sublime to Jackson Grill for an excellent birthday dinner, and tonight we have  tickets for this:

BG and I joked about it a bit, but this is the last time Musical Box is ever doing this show.  Genesis sure as hell isn’t ever going to do it again.  So yeah, i am going.

We are going to see it one last time,  from the fourth row.

But how the fuck am I supposed to enjoy it?

  1. mikey says:

    You can enjoy it because you are a good, if undead, human being with empathy for the people in his community who is in NO WAY complicit in the crimes of some of the biological detritus he happens, entirely accidentally, to share the same continental dirt with.

    You can enjoy it because that’s THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT. When you look out at the world and all you can see is monsters, there is no way to avoid becoming a monster. PLEASE trust me on this – I’m somewhat of an expert in the field. Find the beauty, the points of pleasure, the moments when your faith, not in THE essential goodness of humanity because that’s a fantasy, but in the moments when they demonstrate something good. Those moments exist to offset the hatred, the brutality and the fear.

    You can enjoy it because there is violence, death, disease and inhumanity all over the planet, and you have lived a good life mostly untouched by any of it. It might need a good scrubbing, but you still have your soul. Feed it…

  2. another kiwi says:

    Your (not alive) life does have to go on Zombie. I like the look of the menu at Jacksons.

  3. blue girl says:

    Have fun, ZRM!! Music is good for the soul. You will have a blast. 🙂 Please fill us in tomorrow!!

  4. blue girl says:

    I am already in my Christmas pajamas… in the for evening! 🙂

  5. mikey says:

    I wish I had Christmas Jammies. It’s bloody cold and rainy here. I’ve finished my errands for the day (it’s amazing how quickly you can get through your errands when you haven’t got any money. It’s like nope, nope, can’t do that, that ain’t gonna happen, that’s right out…) and am making a cup of tea. Christmas jammies would be great. Hell, I’d actually put on a pair of trousers if I could find any…

    • Jammie’s, a fire, this nice locally distilled blended whiskey, a zombie movie on the re-lamped hi-def….tempted to stay in myself.

      • mikey says:

        I watched “Haywire” last night. Gina Carano is eminently watchable, even when she’s not kicking ass or running across rooftops in Dublin. Highly recommended. I have “Prometheus” on the media hub next, and will grab “Frank and the Robot” tomorrow…

  6. blue girl says:

    in the for evening!

    OMG. What is wrong with my brain??

    …in for the evening.



  7. blue girl says:

    mikey, you’d look great in red velvet.

  8. another kiwi says:

    Mikey as Mall Santa both fascinates and disturbs me.

  9. M. Bouffant says:

    Boy howdy, you’d have to be among the dead who walk to enjoy that Limey crap.

  10. blue girl says:

    Zombie? Are you in a Musical Box coma? How was it? I’m getting carpal tunnel from clicking over here for a review of your evening.

  11. mikey says:

    Packers Bears starts in about half an hour. He’ll be up and shambling about by then, fer sure…

  12. Wow.

    Prediction: Brando won’t stop by unless the Bears jump out to an undeserved early lead. He’s WAY behind on gloating.

  13. mikey says:

    Somebody at Comcast musta screwed up big time – I’ve actually got a choice between TWO games this morning. So I started out on Indy-Houston, but I’ve just switched over to Packers Bears…

  14. mikey says:

    Gobblegobble Turkey dood informs us that Aaron Rogers is the most sacked QB in the league.

    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you got til it’s gone

  15. Mason Crosby is going to get lynched when they get back to Green Bay.

  16. mikey says:

    Oh my. Now THAT was random…

  17. well, you certainly can’t allow Mason Crosby to try a field goal, at ANY distance. That first attempt would have been incomplete at 30 yards.

    If the Bears would win, Mason Crosby should be their MVP.

  18. Insanity seen at the Political Environment:

    therefore the most obvious solution is to arm the average citizen, who is more likely to be at the source of crime when it is about to happen.

    Also, Louie Fucknozzle Gohmert descends to a new level of fucktardery.

    Yes, he says schools should be ARMED.

    I wonder if he feels the same way about minority-majority schools? As I’ve said other places, it is surprising how gun-controlley wingnuts get when “the right of the people” becomes “the right of THOSE people”.

  19. mikey says:

    These people really are arithmetic – challenged. We have FAR more guns per capita (almost fucking NINETY) and massively more gun violence than any other nation. The availability of guns leads DIRECTLY to the volume of gun murders and suicides. How hard is it to understand this? So, if your solution is to make guns even MORE available, you’re either an idiot or you have an ideological agenda. It’s weird though – nobody’s going to repeal the second amendment, so it’s very hard to see what’s in it for them to resist every single legal restriction on guns. It’s just tribal…

  20. mikey says:

    Also, if I had Aaron Rodgers I would NEVER punt….

  21. mikey says:

    Jeezus, that guy is AWFUL. What made him decide he wanted to be a kicker, fer crissakes?

  22. mikey says:

    Oh look. Randomness turns out to be contagious…

  23. mikey says:

    Hmmm. If the Bears had more than one receiver they might have a chance…

  24. With crosby’s fucked up kicks, this 8 point game would be a 14 point game. If this one gets away, it is solely his fault.

  25. mikey says:

    Y’know, I have no dog in this fight, but that Roughing call on Peppers was First Degree Horseshit. But it pretty much ends the game. I’m gonna hop over and see if Lucky Andrew Luck can pull out another one in the Fourth Quarter…

  26. another kiwi says:

    Zombie Mythology???But but they’re real and are even architects and such!

  27. […] zombie rotten mcdona… on Bullet The Blue Sky […]

  28. Gotta find solace where you can, old chum!

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