Only the shadows ahead barely clearing the roof, Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to

Oh my oh my.  Is there stuff that is aggravating me and making me want to split into the effing stratosphere?  O gosh yes.

But as I am A Zombie Filled With Love, still, I will forego the inevitable effing of the effing eff you eff-day, in order to get all cuddly and musical.

And which I just saw THIS, over at that fucking Crooks And Liars:

Oh, hey, Paul Weller needs to be filing some kind of copyright, right?

It’s just not fair that angsty abandonment mixed with semen and spit is so monopolized by the young, I hates it I does.  and I love it and the band has five songs on iTunes and since I got me an itunes gift card and a bit of drunk, o YES…..

Also, during this afternoon’s bizarre efforts to ignore my aching back and make commerce, some of this came up:

Oooo, yes.  That was good.

In college, we put a graffiti wallpaper in the bathroom, giving everybody the opportunity to express themselves while pooping themselves.  At one point, we had a “I will DIE Without” list going, and after the basics of popcorn, beer, and Janine, SPLIT ENZ showed up.  Nobody ever disagreed.

I still have some vinyl Split Enz albums with psychedelic lazer cuts on the vinyl.  it was a weird time, cillun and guinea pigs.

It was such a great body of music, even Ted Leo jumped on it:

Regrettably (and I hope I do not induce a stroke in the Bastard, Big and Bald) I never saw them as Split Enz.  Not sure they even made it to Wisconsin, and why would they?  But in later years, I have seen several Permutations of Finns in performance, including the Next Gen.

And yes, they have done a pleasing smattering of the old Split Enz stuff.

They really are quite good.  It is my understanding they are from England….


  1. Landru says:

    Oh, no, fuck that, we can’t have you all filled with love and shit, so…


    (Mrs. Landru is such a sick Bears fan fuck that she won’t even root for the Packers so that the Bears can make the playoffs. Schadenfreude is fucking awesome.)

    But merry New Year and all that, zombie friend.

    • I know, right? I go to all this trouble, week in week out, spewing bile hate anger and depression, and then drive away my few readers by going squishy!

      Mrs. L is probably right though. I mean, if the Bears can’t make it in under their own steam, they don’t deserve to, right? Although it was kind of rough justice that the Pack had to rely on the Seahawks beating the 49ers to put them into the second seed…. and anyway, it’s not like “stop Adrian Petersen” is a state secret to beating the Vikings.

  2. mikey says:

    I honestly cannot come up with a song I would recognize as a Split Enz bit of music. I shall therefore consult the Wackypedia, but I will preserve my Enz-orance by not yet clicking on the videos, of which there is a bleedin’ plethora…

  3. Did mikey just drop a ‘plethora’ on the Empire?

  4. blue girl says:

    I did that already! I read the entire internet every day!

  5. blue girl says:

    Oops, I didn’t “reply” using the “reply” button. That was kind of exciting! Highlight of my day so far!

  6. blue girl says:

    I would need an idea. I am out of those.

  7. Was it Kurt Vonnegut who said “Writers write. Doesn’t matter what. You want to be a writer, WRITE.”

    Maybe it was Stephen King.

  8. …or you could just do the drinking thing.

    Follow my lead, and do BOTH.

  9. mikey says:

    Jeez, there’s Iraq, Syria, Russian Orphans, Italian Politics, The Fiscal Fucking Cliff, Northern Mali, Firearms regulation, Obama’s issues with Presidential Appointments, the impact of technology on the economy, Religious Extremism, Nuclear Weapons Policy, the future of broadcast entertainment, Pandas, Alligators, Kiwis and Football.

    It is simply impossible to not have something you want to pontificate and/or bloviate about…

  10. mikey says:

    Well, I can’t see how that would be an immediate crisis, although it does demand planning an effective solution. I, myself, am out of Booze – well, except for a little tiny bottle of tequila somebody gave me and three quarters of a bottle of Ron Zacapa Systema Solera Rum, which is like Kentucky Bourbon blended with Diesel Oil, and exists strictly for emergencies and annoying guests. But I am also in inventory crisis for toilet paper and Romaine Lettuce, so I am planning a trip to the gigantic soulless Safeway store.

    But I haven’t even had breakfast yet, so while one must act, there is time to act with firm deliberation…

  11. another kiwi says:

    BG should post more of her singing. Mr Zombie should buy an atlas, Mikey should be careful not to mistake the lettuce for the toilet paper, what ensued would be hilarious but only publishable on Mr. Mcgravitas’s (ITIHRN) blog.

  12. mikey says:

    We’ll completely bypass the whole “You can set your drink on their head” joke…

  13. mikey says:

    I just noticed that 7% of my blog readers are Linux users while only 6% are Mac users. That is the first thing I’ve seen on the intert00bz all day that has given me the slightest bit of hope for humanity…

  14. herr doktor bimler says:

    Regrettably (and I hope I do not induce a stroke in the Bastard, Big and Bald) I never saw them as Split Enz.

    Saw them at the last Sweatwaters festival. They were probably touring from Australia.

  15. They really are quite good. It is my understanding they are from England….

    I think AK and Smut are loading up the trebuchet! Now, you need to edjumacate yourself, so listen to the Flying Nun Retrospective that Mr Kiwi (if that is his real name) got me hip to.

  16. I just gave the kittehs some catnippy treats, and now they are meeping around looking for more stonage. Gateway.

  17. mikey says:

    Well, THAT was kinda predictable. The “good” news is that Rajahs gets another chance next week. The “bad” news is that Peter-San gets another chance next week…

  18. mikey says:

    But y’know, the Niners can certainly use the bye week to get peeps healthy. So thanks n shit!

  19. mikey says:

    One worries that our favorite Zombie is standing in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to figure out how to eat his own BRANES.

    Don’t despair, mi amigo zombie, next week will be deja vu all over again…

  20. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Bring on the Seahawks!

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