It is the end, my beautiful friend….

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Thread Open; have at it.

Go ‘way.  Workin/’Batin!

every thing I say is a stupid lie

I won’t tell the truth even when I die

rip myself to pieces till the end of time

then I glue ’em back together in a stupid rhyme

yeah yeah.

  1. huh. the iPod served up the Afghan Whigs’ cover of “Band Of Gold” on the drive in this AM, and now the desktop does it too. Creepy. STOP FUCKING WITH ME ITUNES I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT TODAY.

  2. blue girl says:

    The older I get, the more I love & respect The Doors.

    Happy New Year, everyone over here in zombie world! Cheers!

  3. Silent Mike says:

    I’m watching the Doors say that this is the end and the snowflakes stopped moving.

  4. Silent Mike says:

    Just freaky.

  5. Pinko Punko says:

    The Doors were always a band I would except noodling from. Every note of The End is great.

    Unrelated- the Sunday night syndicated rock radio show played some Rush that made me laugh- “Garden Path”- just hilarious

  6. Hmpf. I don’t even MAKE fucking resolutions, and they are already broken. Yeah, “Happy” not so much.

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