What’s Next To The Moon

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Music nobody listens to

Hang in and wait for the second song….


Two songs in One Tuber!!  The Empire delivers satisfaction.


  1. “Fuck me in the ass ’cause I love Jesus” may be one of the greatest lyrics ever written.

  2. m. o. o. n. spells buttsex

  3. M. Bouffant says:

    One of my friendsassociates says “Butt-fuck Jesus in Hell!” when he’s surprised.

    Hey, if the first song isn’t the one to listen to, use the start at whatever function, or at least advise us where the good one starts.

    P.S.: Didn’t bother to listen at B.J., but if you recommend it I might give it a try. I know this duo is popular w/ local yokels round here.

    P.P.S.: Had a cat who would look up whenever the MTM logo cat meowed.

  4. I’d guess post at 3Bulls!, too, but either I lost my (newest) password, or the one I have in my notebook doesn’t work anymore.

  5. I am totally in love with the dark-haired one… IBIMB

  6. oakdilettante says:

    7:55?!! what do you think I’m made of time? like I am just lying here in bed on my laptop with 14 tabs open?

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