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Posted: February 1, 2013 in Fridge Note

Scholar and Gentleman and leader of the Scissorheads, Tengrain, did a zombie a solid and put me up on his post for Blogroll Amnesty Day.  regular readers will know, of course that guilting a zombie is pretty dam easy, so I am going to turn around and do it myself.
Apparently the tradition is to link to 5 blogs that are lesser-known than yours.  And no joking about your own blog being more unknown than anybody’s so there goes all my content.

So, feel free to visit the following, all Friends of the Empire:

  • Paleotectonics, fellow Cheesehead (if in exile) and Checking Out Your Shorts
  • Landru, curmudgeon extraordinaire and We Are His Minions.  He’s got pretty good taste in music, so there’s that.
  • blackdogred, at BLCKDGRD, with similar great taste in music.  He’s posted Mekons!
  • Scott and DT do some great music analysis and posting at Reason To Believe.
  • good friend mikey who has been floating around the internoodzles for quite some time, impressing people at Sadly, No! and firedoglake, but he needs more people to read and comment on his long-form world affairs posts, other than me and thndr just effing at each other in the comments.  Consider The Source.

I was going to link to a brand newbie, This Day In Science Fiction, but Tengrain beat me to it.  The Prof notes Science Fiction birthdays, and highlights predictions of our present-time future from last century.  It’s much fun, so Imma linkin it again, because I am a rebel, Dottie.

Oh, and also local Wisconsin blogger and journalist James Rowen has a great place called the Political Environment, he’s been leading the charge against the proposed open-pit mine in northern Wisconsin, as well as trying to talk sense to some gun fetishist trolls.


I suppose now I will have to try and post more often, to meet the ‘daily posting’ threshold.  Or so.  Remember, at the Empire, we specialize in disappointment!

Thanks for the props, TG.

  1. mikey says:

    We come here for the disappointment. But we stay for the linkage.


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    but Tenrain beat me to it.

    Speeling meestake!

  3. There are better looking Hitler-cats.

    It almost makes you think they might be artificially enhanced.

  4. mikey says:


    I’d REALLY like to pet those kittens…

  5. Another Kiwi says:

    I’ve got this cool idea for a movie. A guy goes into a room and IT’S FULL OF HITLER CATS!!! Didn’t see that coming did ya?
    Of course liberal Hollywood run by Homosexual Nazis will never make that!

  6. Tengrain is one of the good guys of the blogosphere- he linked to me at Crooks and Liars for a second time this week. I checked out my stats, saw over 500 hits and immediately thought, “Tengrain was here”.

    Have you ever checked out Willfully Obscure? I think you of all people would get a kick out of it.

    • doe says:

      hello bald ( hello because we’ve never talked in and on ..of these chainsL , but i’ve noted you over at penjacks the past , ) ,here ..where the wander is ..the flod flooded streets( with the grey of the barn house that i grew up in, and that my father ,that i was just out with on fri., also painted his place in algonqui.. as well , and was on the high panel behind his head in the restaur ..where we met up on fri. ..and i commented on to him with a quiet smile ,said daughter of .. ) , back to bald, you look like the ..put out dec tree .. has finally had enough ..of being put out ..of this image on m’c to the left that your name must now stand/saddl’ with here ..

  7. blue girl says:

    lol @ Mein Furrer

  8. Thanks! I’ll send you some thumbs to put up.

    @BBBB – Willfully Obscure may be a brand new rabbit-hole.

  9. pa joe says:

    skippy the kangaroo sent me. is this where I get my free Obama cell phone, my 40 acres (and don’t go calling it reparations, goddamnit), and mule?

  10. mikey says:

    And Zombie Tactical Doctrine.

    But we’re just gonna pretend “Warm Bodies” is about vampires…

  11. doe says:

    .. anthony perkins has a son, elvis , that has a band that does a song , a guys toe tapping kind of song , called chains ..i think, ..but i can’t look to see , no moving visuals on this lap top ,

  12. cripes, I just got a phone message on my office line, an email, and on my cell from a guy who wants to pick up some drawings today. Not only on Sunday, but on Stupor Sunday.

    Haven’t decided how to answer him yet.

    He also left me a message yesterday while I was all robotic.

    • The Zombalaya is well under way – and why did it take this long to figure out the name?- and this is how I answered Phone Dood:

      Sorry, Steve. I was doing my FIRST Robotics volunteer gig yesterday, and will not be in my office today.

      I will be in and out tomorrow. I can answer your questions then.

  13. I can only make a pretense of keeping up with what’s on my blogroll and I’m getting worse at that despite the fact that people I follow seem to bail out a lot.

  14. mikey says:

    I’m here, but I’m leaving.

    My brother in law has tequila, home made wings and a sixty inch teevee set powered by the family atomics. So I’m going up there…

  15. doe says:

    rot ‘en m’c donald, .. i don’t know you beyond a few noted comments at other’s pgs, of my first land here of my commenting /.. starring at the grey on the houses and feeling flooded in some way .. of the last post was it .. , .. /not sure on how you are teasing with “I am almost certain “Doe, an deer” is incorrect. ” , said anne, doe/ deer, fe, daughter of son of son of .. and so on ..the k ing of nor way by nature ,a retired architectural drafts man , who doesn’t watch sports , but is deadly dead on with an axe and an ey’ on .. ,said more aural ,of doe

    • Doe-ann; I recognized the comment style from over at BBBB’s joint. Although it may be some time before I can parse it, don’t let that stop you!

      Most of the same people over there come around here, but I am usually more foul mouthed than he is. He’s quite the gentleman, right? Imma simple zombie. Also, my Governor is Scott Walker, so it makes one want to curse quite a lot.

      not sure on how you are teasing with “I am almost certain “Doe, an deer” is incorrect. ”

      ummm….It has been said that I am annoyingly grammar and spelling pedantic. And I saw an opportunity to make a joke using the structure of that old R&H song. I am not good at jokes. But I WAS just teasing.

  16. You are, without question, the sweetest animated corpse I know.

  17. doe says:

    said the veg. with a blow of bubble gum ’round ‘er mou th .. .

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