High Tide Or Low Tide

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Fridge Note

Robots.  Plans.  Elevations.  Meetings.

Zombie will be scarce.  If you need free-floating angst and depression, you’ll have to try thndr.  Or Bouffant.

  1. Zombies will be scarce?

    What trickery is this? The Rage is cured?

  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:


    P.S. Blame Brando


  3. M. Bouffant says:

    Sorry, no angst & depression; this season it’s murderous rage.
    Kill! Kill! Kill!

    For example, that WordPress cocksucker asked me to sign in, & promised that as soon as I did my comment (the first two lines there) would be published. Fortunately I am wise to their shit & copied it before I signing in &, as always, nothing appeared in this space. If I ever make it back to San Francisco I will be paying them a visit (since they never answer any complaints) & it won’t be pretty.

    Anyhoo, don’t work too hard.

  4. mikey says:

    Sign me up for the murderous rage part of the program…

  5. mikey says:

    Yeah – and it’s a pretty goddam cool gig. Very advanced technology, big $ enterprise platform, and most interesting of all we don’t have a SiliValley office yet, so I’m working from mikeyHQ. Get up in the morning, make a pot o’joe and go to work in my jammies. No commute, no gas, no meetings – it’s AWESOME!!!

  6. Ya know, seeing that post title, I was expecting some Blondie, maybe The Paragons.

  7. mikey says:

    Dood, I’m awesome.

    I even started an argument on Bouffant’s blog.

    It just takes dedication to one’s cause…

  8. For those who book the Face:

  9. side note to mikey: I ain’t gonna post this on the team’s FB page, but in FIRST, the robot is kind of a Macguffin. Hell, it’s run by Dean Kamen; he owns his own fucking island, if he wanted robots, he’d just have somebody build ’em, right? It’s all a trick to get high school kids interested in engineering and science and other STEM paths. So as such, we kind of want them to do as much of it as they can, and sometimes, that means doing things simpler, like using off-the shelf drive train components or plug-n-play programming.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Sparkly Vampires made my day! How have I missed that?! I have yutes in my house!

    thundra- I saw about 7 minutes of one of the Twilight movies. Dear. Lord. It was more than enough. What I do find entertaining though is the thought of you sitting and watching it with your ol’ papa. 🙂

    • YZ and I watched the first Twilight when it hit PPV. After it was done, we sat there for a minute, then I said “yanno, I like movies about undead and monsters and such, and I have a high tolerance fo not-so-good movies in that vein (heh). But that was just awful.”

      Jennifer, there’s a whole album of songs from teh MST crew under the Rifftones name. “Plans One Through Nine” and “Party At The House On Haunted Hill” are especially good, but they also do “Zombie Mambo”.

      • Jennifer says:

        Exactly! It wasn’t even good-bad! As you know, I also have a high tolerance for baaaad movies, but this… you’re right… no redeeming bad, just bad.

        I saw the it was teh MST crew. I will have to check it out. I now have Sparkly Vampires stuck in my head and that’s a good thing because I’m laughing at inopportune times.



  12. Jennifer says:

    Maybe you can bribe him with copious amounts of Spotted Cow.,, if R**H were not enough…

  13. Brando says:

    I saw that the Trinity will be at Summerfest. I may overcome my fear of driving north of Lake County, Illinois to attend, especially since the “Chicago” show well be located south well behind White Sox lines. However, getting away on the 4th is likely problematic as both the lovely wife and daughter hate my greatest musical love with a passion and would rather watch a Twilight marathon than listen to “The Spirit of Radio.”

    • Tickets are gone. Unless they release more after the pre-sale, or you go to the resellers. This is a Rush town.

      • Wait, there are still some available, I guess. Summerfest site has presale info, password ANGELS.

        Probably some more tickets to be released for general sale on the 22nd.

        Of course, I am a bad influence, just ask Snag, so you’re probably better off watching Twilight. I would say TLB and TBD could hang with Wife Sublime at S-Fest, but WS is a Rush fan, so she’ll most likely be with me.

      • Brando says:

        I probably can’t do it anyway because Libs will want to see fireworks on the fourth, and not of the Neil Peart drum solo variety, and I won’t want to ditch that even for a Rush show.

      • Crazy Idea: The big fireworks show for Milwaukee is on the 3rd, and Summerfest is an ideal location to watch. Get a room and make it a 2-day mini-vacay. I guarantee we will keep you entertained.

  14. Brando says:

    Also, did anyone else read the Grantland Winners’ History of Rock and Roll series? The final part on The Black Keys was pretty entertaining:


    The author referenced a Milwaukee band named Call Me Lightning that sounded like an eMusic purchase for me — wondering of the local undead had heard and/or seen them?

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