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Posted: February 22, 2013 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to

New Nick Cave:

Snag offered to rip my arm off to see Cave on the new tour (Nick tours less than Elvis Costello, for fuck’s sake).  However, no NCATBS stops in Milwaukee, so Snag did not have to find another excuse not to visit.

“ten-ton catastrophe on a 60 pound chain”.  Wow.  That’s a good one.

It’s kinda mellow, though not as soporific as The Boatman’s Call, my LEAST favorite Nick Cave album.

Of course, my FAVORITE Nick Cave album is the ghastly Murder Ballads.  Not only is it aggressively dire and full of foul lyrics, one reviewer counted over two hundred murders in the course of the songs.  Plus, the group singalong on “Death Is Not The End” makes it a terrifying dirge, rather than a song of hope.  I kind of liked that.

and here is a zombie-themed version:

I love the internoozles.

BTW, here is what was going on last sunday:

We had yet to attach the shooter or finish the intake, but this was the final wire of the drive train.  Programmers have since increased the throughput on the motor controllers, so it’s zippier.  Sealed it into it’s bag on Tuesday, tried to recover from the cold that another mentor gave me on Wednesday and Thursday, and today tried to catch up on work while shoveling the drives (thanks for all the help, zombie family!).

Now, is there anybody out there?


  1. mikey says:

    Thing about Nick Cave, and the reason I run away, is it all seems like propaganda, like a dood who found a schtick with an audience and told the same story, kinda like Kim Jong Un if he was a wrapper. Zevon did the same thing with no winks and even fewer nods, and when it comes down to it, if you’re going to tell a hell story you better not just vacation there…

    • doe says:

      i don’t think that that is what it is about at all mikey , of nick , not a hell story , your missing something there . / rotten, did you see my comments over on blackdog’ ‘s, that i mentioned in a .. we are in the midst of looking at again moment on bdr , on mcg second last post , part of my comment there , and did you see the la last night , and my comments on blackdog’ ‘s on

    • I sort of think the same way, except that Cave’s had the smarts to have a lot of interesting musicians over the years. If the music gets plain I have no interest in Nick Cave. Zevon, on the other hand, had the disadvantage of doing his thing in California with dull session musicians.

  2. paleotectonics says:


  3. Gotta love that Nick Cave/Shane MacGowan collaboration, and Kylie Minogue (uhhh… need I say more?). Also, nice robot… gives a good “CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!” vibe.

  4. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Do robots get electric colds?

  5. “Here I am, brain the size of a planet…”

  6. Now I’ll be on a Pogues jag all day. Which is peachy!

  7. mikey says:

    I would think that Pogues fellow would want you to get off’a his Jag before you scratch up the paint…

  8. doe says:

    it doesn’t sound like any of you actual looked at the l a ,to see what was going on there

    • I confess I didn’t, anne. I didn’t have time. But then, I LIKE Nick Cave.

      But really, Substance and mikey, isn’t all rock and roll a pose anyway?

      • doe says:

        rotten, if you know what he is getting at.. of spider ,lurch, of pose , in the wee hours .. at least listen , / look at my comments to blackdog’

      • I read your comments Anne. Like I said, was busy and not able to watch the Nick Cave show. And I am still working out comprehension on your commenting stylees. New friends are hard and rewarding.

      • In any case, I know what I hear from Nick Cave. I hear some of the darkest American Blues, filtered through punk and Goth and growing up upside-down. Murder Ballads are traditional, as Jon Langford has said. Nick gets down into the twisty parts of the human psyche, and as Subby says, has the understanding to ally himself with musicians who can make that twistyness aural.

        I do agree with Subbster that when Cave’s music is straight, he’s kind of boring. That, I think, gets to the heart of why I don’t care for The Boatman’s Call very much.

  9. Do robots get electric colds?

    What, you’ve never had a virus?

    Reminder to self: don’t let thndr near robot, he’ll just pour liquor into it.

  10. mikey says:

    I’m worried about the rabbit…

  11. Another Kiwi says:

    I loves Mr Cave and I don’t care who knows.

  12. doe says:

    i don’t know nick cave that well, i was responding to what i was seeing and hearing from that stage in l a compared to the more of hand gestures ,less of other ..of paris , , on my in and out of the room that night and the next day , of why my saying .. the aging spider’s lurch .. to davidly by mail in describing what he could not see in germany , of something of what was going on in his home land ..of away

  13. doe says:

    pale and zom ‘en , it has been out of this world un real ,with such a flood of to look at for all on line ,so much but still ..that i have gotten such strong reactions to the way i write , of my voice , world wide of these reactions , i mean good reactions to .., i’m trying to think of a way of putting these reactions together , of gather , in a way that is not overwhelming ,as the world is already overwhelming for all, a way of sharing that helps to keep the boat floating ..of flow of what is good of on line and not on line

  14. doe says:

    ‘ten ton, first question ..on that last ..- why do you do that ..of closing .. ? / ..i could really use some fresh bubble gum here , said sweetness .. . ,

    • Sometimes, one just has to move on, my friend.

      At one point, I got pissed at the suckiness of Blogger. Then, I had another platform yanked out from under me. There was one that everybody hated. Then, I started a different blog that documented my Music Festival Addiction. Also, I was invited to cob-log at a couple of different blogs. At this point, frankly, my poor beknighted melon is probably forgetting several episodes….

  15. doe says:

    and paleo, what does the ta da 1 part mean .. ?

    • paleo is an electrician, so his fingers have no feeling anymore. All of his posts are suspect.

      • what does the ta da 1 part mean .. ?

        It means that if you go finside, your keyboard will still work peachily. Alternately, put your laptop in a very secure ziploc bag. I’ve consulted many mermaid bloggers, although the one I helped the least, for blogging anyway, is the one whose top half went piscine in the presence of the deep blue.

        paleo is an electrician, so his fingers have no feeling anymore. All of his posts are suspect.

        Fingers are fine, catlike in their reflexessssss. The neuron pathways, however, have shorted out more than once, leading to the occasional observation/query/paean to teh heavens regarding, say, to keep on the topic of seafood, that pickled herring, that is, mini-fishies in brine, have a helluva lot of carbs for a diabetic (ie. me), thus annoying me.

        Thus, to make a long story short, Scotch.

  16. doe says:

    ton , when i made that compare of ..my father and yourself (on if.. ‘s or mcg ‘s ), i meant that you seem like you might be more of the engineering side of.. , my father likes to get things done as well ,more hands on in a different way ) / i’ve been looking back at those grey housing photos a few times , because they oddly calm me .. . when i’m flying with no chair the way i do ,of more than a me.. kon ..song / i’m going to ask you question about grey /related in a bit

  17. mikey says:

    In the 90s, for reasons no one can reasonably explain, my employer decided I should be in charge of the computers, networks, servers, telco and production technology. That resulted in my first experience with commercial electricians, big transformers and high voltages. And they all seemed to like to poke at the wiring without turning off the juice, even if turning off the power to the circuit was not in any way an onerous task. Like, the freaking box is RIGHT THERE. I always told them if they got locked up under a 440 volt load I wasn’t going to whack them with a wooden broomhandle to try to kick them loose – it was a perfectly good broom, after all, and clearly smarter than they were…

  18. I do have to say, apropos of nothing, that my commenters are the BEST ON THE INTERNOOZLES. And when you guys stop making me laugh, I will probly start a new blog….

  19. Apparently the night’s theme is gang the hell up on paleo!?!?

  20. Another Kiwi says:

    I thought tonight’s theme was Spaceman Jesus hence the sandals and raygun. Well, fuck, I’m not changing my costume now.

  21. Apparently the night’s theme is gang the hell up on paleo!?!?

    Now you know how it feels to be zombie.

  22. mikey says:

    Gee. Sux to be y’all.

    My life seems pretty good at this point.

    Gonna have another drinky and make a steak and sauteed mushrooms with asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Maybe a tomato.

    RSA show starts tomorrow….

    • OK, I need to straighten Mr. Mikey out. The only “sucking” to be y’all is all a part of being hoomans on the basic level. Don’t think anybody is crying and wailing, on any basis beyond the usual hereabouts.

      But beyond that I AM MOST ALARMED THAT MISTER MIKEY IS APPARENTLY not fulfilling his bleak and depressing duties regards Trouser Compliance. The Minister of Optimism may need to weigh in on this, but as Undersecretary for Rays Of Motherfucking Sunshine, I find the whole exchange to reflect a lack or grimness and/or suicidal pants-ness.

      The additional drink is approved. Steaks, with or without mushrooms, are not a problem.

      However, the overall positive attitude is just not appropriate, and appropriate action must be taken by mikey, submitted to the Dark Elements of Bakersfield.

  23. doe says:

    a break from .. les mis , more tone r please, said the out sider

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