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Posted: February 24, 2013 in Body Count, Fridge Note, Humanity is a virus

as MB will tell y’all you are blending your brains by watching stupid TV shows.  DALLAS!  MTV!  SURVIVOR!  TWO AND A HALF MeN!!!

and sometimes, there are shows that result in less mush in your head.

As has been discussed here, Walking Dead is one.  Also, the first season of American Horror Story (the second season jumped the shark when the Nazis showed up).

but Walking Dead actually has nothing to do with my brethren; if you watch, the zombies are nothing more than a Macguffin.  They are the lever with which the conflicts of stupid, hateful, and violent breathers are brought into vivid relief.

It’s still pretty good.  Rick going into hallucinations is a lovely aspect.

But I tell y’all, that the Netflix series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, is far more scarey that any zombie movie.  Because it is about people who make terrible decisions that decimate people at any level, and they do it with no remorse.  Awful people, making awful decisions, that affect thousands if not millions.

Monsters?  You want monsters?  Throw a dead cat in DC, and you’ll hit one.

  1. mikey says:

    Two words.


    And another word that stands in for the brilliance of Elmore Leonard…

  2. M. Bouffant says:

    Been catching up on Land of the Giants episodes on hulu. That purees your brain.

    I may have to give up & buy one of those streaming boxes.



  4. Most people who live in D.C. have little control over the Federal Government, or the shitheads other states send here to run it, zrm.

  5. fish says:

    Yeah. Us DC folks are all really nice.

    Shameless and Justified are my two favorite TV shows right now. There is probably something freudian about the titles that makes me watch them.

  6. fish says:

    Shameless and Justified are my two favorite shows right now. Probably some freudian thing about the titles draws me to them.

  7. Brando says:

    I’ve been going back and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. I had never really given the show a chance, and now I am punching myself for never watching it before.

  8. doe says:

    in on the planks again.. of this boat ,bal. , i’ve never had cabling ,so i see in bits , some shows in an off hand , later way ,in parts ..while visiting others and so on . i had a look to see what the first that fish mentions is about , i’m sure that it is well done , but as i was reading the wik’ ,a quiet tear started to run , i am a born physically disabled girl, have always worked part time as i can in that , i live at what is considered below the poverty line ,of here , but not by all about /around the globe ,of measures ,i don’t feel badly about any of this ,of my setting , if you can read me well you will sense that i am a ..always look on the bright side , (with an extreme range..of humour , how to) but still something of the write up tell of the show .. tears,

  9. mikey says:

    …if you watch, the zombies are nothing more than a Macguffin.

    This is actually true, increasingly so. But y’gotta hand it to them, one of the reasons TWD is so popular is the unusually brave and explicit way they do the Macguffin thang. I’ve never had a problem with teevee violence, but it always pisses me off when it’s sterile and lacks consequences. Hurt people bleed and scream and flop around, and while blood is messy and has THAT smell, guts are REALLY messy and have that OTHER smell, and people don’t give up their grip on life easily, even if they’re already dead, and it’s hard, nasty-ass WORK to get them in the ground. Maybe it’s because it’s ok to kill zombies and it’s ok for zombies to kill people, but whatever the reasons, The Walking Dead is a pretty good weekly reminder of the wages of hatred and the consequences, both immediately visceral and more nuanced over time, of violence…

    • Perhaps I will start a band called the Bloody MacGuffins.

    • doe says:

      mike’, i had a film pass in my teens , that allowed me to see films not long after they came around ,in a few old smaller theatres here , i saw a lot of films coming out of europe in the early eighties ,mostly germany , i went to many because they captured reality, gritty as it is , better than anything from north america could . when i do get around to seeing clips from these shows and of films here , as full as they are of all sorts of curious things ,there is always something missing that is needed of reality.. to keep us humane ,grounded . that is why ..movies ..of north america .. they are moving physically of literal ,of action ,but not moving as an effect verb that is much needed , are you speaking of that in some way in what you have written ?

  10. mikey says:

    Hey look. Five o’clock!

  11. Jim H. says:

    Don’t have the Netflix. Tho’ apparently the kids do on the game console thingy.

    re: House of Cards. The original BBC series was devastatingly good. I mean, I Claudius good. I mean, Smiley’s People good. The Richard III asides of Francis Urqhart were menacing, diabolical, wicked. I don’t think Spacey has those chops. I’m sure he’s good, but…

    & the BBC series turned into a trilogy of serieses. In the 2d part, FU becomes PM, and in the 3d, he’s overthrown by someone unexpected who’s unexpectedly even more diabolical because unexpected.

    Hunt that shit down.

  12. doe says:

    ton, i noted the taekwando on coming over , of something of the wind coming in , as challenged as i am ,of born with , never able to get insurance d to leave ontario because i go by ambulance a few times a year because of strangulations in my belly , and i sleep in a hosp. bed,sit up , but at the same time unbelievably agile , all of the men that i have been involved with over the years have been black belts , to keep up with .. , and of the tie in here on this post .. i was watching the awards , of why i said cosette’s broom, to go with the wood here, in thinking of the huge broom head drawing of les mis , i watched because i like to see actors ,caught, in unprepared settings , (finding out in that that daniel day ‘ is married to arthur miller’s daughter ) and as that girl that was in those vampire flicks came on the stage i noted that she had a bruise on her arm in the same place , odd because i rarely bruise , tely , films , acting .. .. swan in the wind coming soon .. .

  13. mikey says:

    The Empire is kinda fucked up. Ordinarily, you can just pop open the page and see right there on the left side who posted last, and if there’s any new, er, well, let’s call it “interaction” in the name of blogospheric diplomacy. But now? Now that feature has been recalled, probably because it blows up like a ’77 Pinto when hit from behind, and the lawyers are freakin out while doing lines of FABULOUS Peruvian Cocaine off the buttocks of Sasquatch and I’m stuck here trying to figure out if I have anything worthwhile to say.

    Wait here. I’ll be back soon…

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