We Drift Like Worried Fire

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Turdwaffle and problems

Hey Scalia:

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

What an asshole.  The proper liberal pushback should be to propose making the pre-clearance requirement apply to all 50 States.  And the way the Republican-led state leges have been acting, that would be a good thing.  The thing about pre-clearance?  If racial animus is no longer an issue, it shouldn’t be a problem.  However, since Roberts has apparently been aiming at the Voting Rights Act for like 30 years, I think this one is going down, and we can expect a slew of voting disenfranchisment laws from the Ex-Confederacy in the next two years.  Just goes to show you, and it will show you once again, that all other issues aside, the person in the White House who gets to make these appointments DOES make a huge damn difference.

But there are bigger fish to fry.

How long has it been since I have taken out after Turdwaffle?  Too long, I think.  He has, of course, been up to scurrilous and evil acts, as is his way (upon the orders of the rich fucks holding his leash).  He is working to abrogate Wisconsin’s environmental laws to allow a massive open pit mine in northern Wisconsin that will destroy the hills, poison the water, and summarily violate several treaties.  For a minor iron vein that won’t even add any jobs, no matter what the extraction industry is claiming.  Up to 22 miles long and 1100 feet deep.

Every time the extraction industry wants something, they will say that THIS time will be different, baby, THIS time they will be good.  And the next week the  credit cards are maxed out, car is gone, the house is on fire, and the cat is pregnant.  EVERY FUCKING TIME.

So they closed out the public comment period and passed the fucking mining bill by ramming it through with little review or any actual input from environmental advocates.  Fuck you  very much.  For conservatives, conservation seems to be an unknown word.

Here you go, Huckleberry Closetcase.  You eat your fucking words, care of Milwaukee!  You’re Welcome.

and if you want the whole experience as I had it, listen to it with this video playing simultaneously. Somehow appropriate.

And since why the fuck not, it’s popular with the teabagging types, Walker cuts funding so to force four Planned Parenthood clinics to close.  Because, you know, the women who can’t afford other health care alternatives don’t count and can go to hell.

Don’t fucking tell me that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, or that both sides do it.  Don’t tell the Indians whose lands will be destroyed by that mine.  Don’t try to tell that to the women who relied on those Planned Parenthood offices.

Also, I saw somewhere that Turdwaffle also recently said that he was open to an ultrasound rape bill, but am now out of sorts and don’t feel like chasing the source down because it’s too depressing on top of all the other.  So I shall make myself another drink, yes I shall.

[EDIT] driftglass weighs in on the Scalia thing with historical antecedent.

Also, Paleo does, with a foul mouth more akin to my own voice.

  1. mikey says:

    Well, I ain’t gonna even pretend to be arsed to look it up. My feet hurt and glass is empty…


    And jayzuz, with these jackholes doing this bullshit at the fed level, sucking up all the oxygen, it allows inbred fucking Scottie Ratlicker to get away with state level bullshit. Thanks for keeping me informed as to how my state is going to hell, that goddammed acid-washed-brain yutz kochsucker.

    Christ, they keep coming from all directions – how can you fight this much ignorance?

    • I think mikey is partial to that crossbow that Daryl uses on the Walking Dead….

      • paleotectonics says:

        Need bigger. One of those siege engine crossbows from LOTR, 6′ long with a head about 18″ across.

        >________________________________ > From: Empire Of The Senseless >To: paleotectonics@yahoo.com >Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 10:20 PM >Subject: [New comment] We Drift Like Worried Fire > > > WordPress.com >zombie rotten mcdonald commented: “I think mikey is partial to that crossbow that Daryl uses on the Walking Dead….” >

      • mikey says:

        I am SO FUCKING TOTALLY gonna buy one’o those big-ass righteous thangs now that I have an income. They are the real deal, Lucille, and that ain’t no wack attack. They cost about three bills, and they are fucking lethal at fifty meters (essentially handgun range). They’re also silent and reusable and come tell me about my felony convictions and how I can’t have a firearm. Go pass some crossbow control, dickbrain!!

  3. Christ, they keep coming from all directions – how can you fight this much ignorance?

    Start with the kneecaps…

    • mikey says:

      Yep. Listen to what the pros can teach you. American are the second best in the world at CQB, and the basic lesson is “two in center mass, one in the forehead, step over and move on”.

      If and when things go to shit, you will be well served to keep this simple instruction in mind…

  4. Angry zombie is angry. RAARRRGH!

  5. Wisconsin has a long history of progressive governance and environmental stewardship. In the past, the rural conservatives have been a big part of this, seeing the personal and larger advantages in preservation of our natural resources, for recreation as well as for monitored and sustainable harvest.

    I am an urbanophile, by character. In another life, I would have moved to New York, or Chicago, or San Francisco or Toronto or London or something like that. But even from Beertown, the wholesale giveaway of our natural resources to out-of-state rich fucks like the Kochs is painful and an historical travesty. I have spent time in Door County, in many of the nodes of our admirable State park system. Devil’s Lake is a hoot. Even in Milwaukee, we are short drives from the Kettle Moraine park, and even Summerfest is a State Park. If I wanted to drive to Bayfield and Madeline Island on Lake Superior, it is about 6 hours by car. And let’s not even talk about living on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.

    This is a horror.

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