Bebe Le Strange

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Fridge Note


What is the bloggerhood saying?

  • “For some reason I have this sudden desire to build a bong out of a bassoon now.” — Oregon Beer Smoker
  • “Looks like someone was acting a bit… squirrelly.” — paleo-whatever
  • “We had a good day of fishing, the charcoal’s getting hot. We’ll fire up the bass soon! ” — Sirius Lunacy
  • “One of the best parts of girlz is their Bassoons. ” — mikey
  • “this blog needs more squirrel posts… if only for ZRM.”  — Jennifer (possibly trolling)
  • “Although nothing much can top “Fire Up the Bassoons!” — Cynthianne
  • “3. The loud bassoon “– Herr doktor smut
  • “Robyn Hitchcock” — Big Bad Bald Bastard
  • “Obama sux “– ifthethunderdontgetya

So it is an incontrovertible HIT!  Available in many popular sizes and/or numbers of limbs!


Because zombizzles stand BEHIND their products, yes.  Also behind their potential antagonists.  Yes, it makes for awkward conversations, but is advisable as experience has taught me.  You breathers are FUCKING unpredictable.

Note:  Meme and/or t-shirt in no way endorses the idea of doing inverted bassoon-stands.  Although if you do, please forward the phone-camera video to me.

Also, weaponized squirrels will be part of this blog until the DoD shuts us down in order to obliterate thunder.


  1. Part of a conversation between Wife Sublime and myself tonight:

    WS: I am maybe not as cognizant of how girls are trained to be quieter during grade and high school.

    ZRM. It’s a problem. Looking back, it strikes me that I am much more likely to hire a woman.

    WS. Yeah. I KNOW.

    ZRM. Look! A squirrel!

  2. isn’t Bassoon the martian name for mars?

  3. Really, K, do you need me to correct you? Is that what you want? for such a simple thing as BARSOOM?

    Cuz, friend, if you were being snarky I apologize.

    Of course, Martian bassoons would be REALLY cool, what with the extra limbs….

  4. I am considering a TARDIS/ bassoon crossover work, next…..

  5. Jennifer says:

    Where is UC??? He needs to see this.

    The last photo with projectile rodent made me experience projectile coffee.

  6. mikey says:

    Just wait ’til they deploy the new Discarding Sabot Rodent Warheads. These GP BT-3s (UN Designation BushyTail) are nothing, nothing I tell you…

  7. Is it just me, or is Bloooger acting like a complete shit today?

  8. Regular shittiness on blogger for me, plus Ukrainian spammers.

  9. 4th row seats for Steve Hackett.

    Fire up the fecking bassoons.

  10. The bassoon borkeded my link, I swear:


  11. Jennifer says:

    There was a time when ZRM would have picked up on the rum/Zardoz waves…

  12. Kathleen says:

    Barsoom Bassoon Buffoon Balloon Saloon.

    My work here is done

  13. Barsoom Bassoon Buffoon Balloon Saloon.


  14. Sirius Lunacy says:

    If there were well endowed clowns playing them in a giant ape shaped derigible, it would be the Barsoom Bassoon Busomy Buffoon Baboon Balloon.


  16. mikey says:

    So I just figured out what bugs me about this image. It’s the text. Specifically, the Double-S and the Double-O. Because it’s a font, the letters are identical, yet the intent of the appearance is a kind of strung-out scrawl, replete with ink-splatters.

    So here’s whatcha should do: Save the image as a bitmap, then go in and tweak the Esses and Ohs so they don’t look exactly the same. That will give the whole thing back it’s ‘unhinged’ quality that was the intention in the first place.


    lead typographer
    haus o’mikey design
    1 hipster alley

    • So, the takeaway here is that if I fix that font issue, MikeyCorps is on board for a couple of shirts?

      –actually, the thing is a photoshop file, so all I has to do is separate the word into separate letters, then it lets me stretch and warp them separately. The mikey method is way more work, and I am nothing if not lazy. (takes a drink of his Kooba Zombre)

    • mikey says:

      Caught me too early in the cycle. I can pay my rent, I’m eating better cheese, and I’m back on the upscale hair ties that don’t let your pony tail out five minutes after you tie it back. Soon I’ll get new socks and a new set of sleeveless tees, and sometime after that a new monitor. It’ll be about that point that I can consider Bassoon-shirts.

      I thought I saw a Steadman influence in there…

    • Ponytails? Talk about hipsters.

    • mikey says:

      Dood. My hair is VERY long. I don’t think there’s any other option. I don’t have the talent to make a ‘Bun’…

  17. Also, the font is BatCountry, inspired by the Steadman illustrations for the Good Doctor’s books.

  18. I’d make it into a t-shirt, but where would you wear it?

    Uh… my torso.

  19. doe says:

    another quick look in , i like the mie sh ka on your dog pad on the link , i have one that i made as well but i wouldn’t sell it , it’s priceless , said the geisha g string .. .

    • Mieshka was our first dog when we bought our house. She was the loveliest, sweetest dog ever. Husky/Springer mix, and a total loverdog. When she lost the use of her legs and we said goodbye, I did that drawing.

  20. doe says:

    for the .. brev. , the g string is of bach

  21. doe says:

    is.. if.. assuming that i (someone that he does not know , and i do not know him ) that i am flirting with , or have been ,in any way , when all i do ever.. is .. – i am telling of little bits of life , of living responding to all of your living . .. on reading here and there ..little bits of reading, i do not see or read all , /i do not flirt with those that i do not know , i don’t flirt ..period , /i’ve had the feeling since being over this way that men assume that if a wom. talks with a man she is .. doing something beyond her just very friendly kind kind so gentle ,in living , of what does not show of who i am out here in my

  22. doe says:

    i had a dog, fair haired retriever,( with my parents when i was still at home before i married a man that i should not have married to get away from that kept like a beauty ful’ bird kept of home, i loved the man i married , i would not have married someone that i did not , but as a friend that i trusted , not in a romantic way ,and we were both disabled of why moving away from home together , to afford a small flat , me physically born , and him of something of his mind ) / i picked out the name that every one around the house at the time agreed on – of kenyon ..meaning fair haired ,.. ,i would have brought home any stray in need of a home ,like the lovely dog that girl next door to me now has part time /split between her and her ex caring for , i’m a dog whisperer,they whisp, whim per purr to ‘er , with this dog , like i am with all .. more four legged , (did anyone over this way see/read on ioz/now jacob’s ..of my saying something to justin over there .. and jacob being amused and putting it up the right on his pg, (i knew justin very well, i let him come up to visit with me here) ,of kenyon , well you all know what fair retrievers are like

  23. doe says:

    oedipus/bet noir .. / lea-ivan fila

    • doe says:

      of another bebe le strange , in not knowing what this header here is of , and.. mountains crumble to the sea .. and there will still be you and me /daddy,literally .. we can fly , of my father and i , i woke up with this screaming in my head as blackdog’ might suggest , time for a photo of my father as a child and another of the anne photo to film , and more of drawing on what the true k ing of norway and his daughter look like .., the fluttter photo of me with a water problem is me , but to come a photo of my father as a child and my life time of drawing like something of emily drawings buried .. in a book .. this fall .. ,/ i can also sing , of in song , with dance and draw . i just woke up with ..a screaming in my .. head .. walking in the air

  24. doe says:

    of what this means ,that my father and i never sleep ,we fly in a light dreaming all night long , not as restful, but full.. . , like an elephant with one ey’ open

    • doe says:

      ..and when shh .. she looks up from in the looking doe down ,taken.. () photo from .. looking glass, to wind , the girl from some ..of the fairy flag in and of storn away lewes, carried by the ocean (s) many and never crying for nothing quiet .. . / of what they see here in the streets of those eyes that is not on line , ..of when those eyes looking down in the photo/and foto /huguenot and .. of hugo as my father will soon be returning and back to wanting to take a photo of me ..on seeing ..” his daughter ” the ocean ,, . when my mother took him in the last few months sometime ..away from his painting to see the film ..of les mis ,of anne hathaway .. of these look up ,.. end less end les’ eyes .of seeing .the ocean’s bleu not too dark not too light seeing,to and fro .. the ocean’s daught , eay week