for Paleo:

Well, I drove east, but I didn’t go home
I just drove out past the false-front neon signs
Great double trucks rumble on the coast road
I’m just not human tonight
Start up in low, and watch them go
With a growl like lions in the zoo

Pardon merci, je suis le grande zombie
I’m just not human tonight

The air got cooler as the highway narrowed
Stinking ocean breeze ran through the night
The cars got fewer and their headlights hurt
I’m just not human tonight
Well, they’re just restless, just like you
They’ve got to take the car out and drive somewhere

Pardon merci, je suis le grande zombie
And I’m just not human tonight

People falling down upon their knees
Watch the night crash down around their ears

I pulled into an all-night cafe
Just to stretch my legs and take a bite
But I couldn’t face a naked dinner on a plate
I’m just not human tonight
So pull them in and throw them out
They’d be better off eating cat food at home

Pardon merci, je suis le grande zombie
I’m just not human tonight

  1. (Reply from my place)

    How early is too early to start drinking

    10 minutes ago

    Not in the sit room and can’t wage unlimited warfare from an iPhone. But prepare for a strongly worded statement later…

  2. It’s like using a Mac. Try to think of the easiest way to do it. Remember this is WordPress, not Blooger. Consider this: I have to use more html to insert them into my POSTS than you do in the comments.

  3. Goddam sleep number beads have to come apart to the molecular level to move them.

    • You’re killin me here.

      OK, here’s the embed secret: Nothing. Just take the youtube url, either from the browser or the share tab, and sling it into the comment box. No fecking tags, no fecking html. The only thing to keep in mind is it has to be it’s own line, can’t be part of a paragraph, or it just reverts to a link.



    This is the third check I’ve gotten this week.