Fuck Jenny McCarthy

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Shovels

And not in a fun way.

One of the last remaining Friends of the Empire, Landru, recently posted a brief post, with a link to a longer post with regard to his autistic son (and the sweet,overwhelming love they have.  Check it out).  And in the comments, of course, a “vaccine-curious” sort chimed in with a questionable story about their own loss, possible ascribed to administering of a vaccine.

Landru and his Lovely Other, Ilse, were polite but strong in their responses.  Of course, I feel no need for politeness.

Fuck Off.  There is almost no scientific basis outside the Internet Fever Swamps for thinking vaccines do a damn fucking thing other than protect kids against disease, and prevent those diseases from spreading.

Let me rephrase that:

You anti-vaxxers are not only killing kids, but you are guaranteeing the more widespread infections of viruses that were very nearly exterminated.

Fuck you anti-science morons.   Science gave you everything; health, comfort, ease, technology.  And now you decide that your ideological whims are more important than your children’s  health.


There is only one way to finalize this post, and it is courtesy of the immortal Substance McGravitas.

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

  1. herr doktor bimler says:

    Having some research interests in the area, and a history of commenting at Respectful Insolence, this is a FU in with which I can whole-heartedly join.
    So many stupid people, so little ricin.

  2. Landru says:

    Thanks for the pimpin’, Your Undead Magnificence. I will spend at least a part of my day thinking of some other motivation for you to continue your string of most pleasingly titled posts.

    I am struggling with the limits of love on the comments exchange you mention. The commenter is a real-life friend, a pretty close one. It’s hard (and pointless, and decidedly unstylish, and probably unkind where it counts) to argue with grief, far more so when the griever is someone who’s seen you through a pretty weird chunk of life, and vice versa.

    I do have to say that in that case, the loss was definitely real (you were not wrong to wonder, of course). The coincidence of timing was real, though of course there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it was anything but a coincidence, at least not to my knowledge, and I was in a very close orbit at the time. And it is very true that science does not have much to tell my friend about why his son died. That’s unquestionably hard cheese.

    Even so, he’s wrong. You may have guessed that it’s often important to me to be right. I’m trying to remember that it’s probably good to have that pillar of Landru challenged. Even wrongly. To me, facts are facts, objective reality is what it is, evidence is what it is. Those aren’t always the things that are important to people; it’s for me to think about how important that is to me in context, here and now. I have to admit that that’s not going well. Yet. My tolerance for magical thinking is mostly limited to sports. And not getting poisoned at my in-laws’. What I do with it here? It still beats the shit out of me, and will for a while.

    Herr Doktor, I mostly lurk at Orac’s place (I’m in public health, though I’m not a scientist). I figured that “herr doktor bimler” was probably not one of those John Smith deals. Nice to see you.

  3. mikey says:

    Not much to add to this. It is, of course, infuriating that the anti-vax ‘movement’ is to a large degree populated by people from the ideological and political left, the very same people who push back against the climate and evolution anti-science denialism on the right. And now many of them are taking legitimate questions about GMOs and turning it into another ideological litmus test filled with mythology, misconception, viral emails and just-so stories…

  4. Landru says:

    I’ve actually found, Mikey, that the antivaxxers are about equal parts right, left, center, diagonal, and Zoroastrian. I don’t mean that to detract from your point at all, because it’s utterly valid. I got into it somewhere (maybe LGM, maybe Edroso–I don’t remember, some more or less liberal bastion of bloggerdom) with some idjits who claimed all anti-science was right-wing-based. I got scolded for being a concern troll. It ended up not even being worth a fuck-you.

    I see your point as stemming from the non-ideological nature of magical thinking, though, and yeah, it really pisses me off when it comes from our side, too.

  5. steven says:

    I will chime in since I am the one you so eloquently told to fuck off. When left with no answers please tell me what you would do? When there is even the slightest hint of anything tangible (and it is slight), tell me you would not pursue that path until you find that you have exhausted that path and moved on to the next one. Tell me that you would accept a medical “I have no fucking idea” as an answer without trying to upend every stone to see what you find. My guess is that you would do everything I am doing. Here are my shoes…try them on and get back to me after a few miles. Until then…well, you know.

    • Steven, my apologies for being harsh, and my sympathies. Landru has eloquently explained most of your experience, and I am deeply sorry for your loss, and believe me when I say that I meant none of this post or my comments at Minionses as disrespect toward you and yours.

      Frankly, I have no answer to your question and have no idea that I would respond any differently. You are perfectly justified in coming here to tell me to fuck off.

      Again, I am sorry. If you ask me to, I will pull down this whole post.

    • Sasha says:

      You didn’t ask me but I have an answer. Here’s what I would do. I would upturn everything in heaven and earth to find out the facts. Then, slowly, I would learn that I can’t know and that tossing away more time and life trying to have what can’t be makes no sense. Because, ultimately, there aren’t always answers. I can’t control everything, much as I hate that fact.

      Then I would do my best to live as well as I could.

    • Landru says:

      Fucking Sasha! You fucking told me you do control everything, and that’s why you fucking make me clean your fucking shoes all the fucking time!

      I am such a fucking sap.

    • sashaundercover says:

      I really like having clean shoes.

    • My advice to you is to look up images of smallpox victims and polio sufferers, see what horrors people faced on a daily basis before vaccines were developed.

  6. steven says:

    I you pulled your post, I would in Landru terms call you an undead pussy. We all have our opinions and our experiences that shape what we seek in life (in your case, afterlife). I think I clarified my position a bit on Minions as to my stance on vaccinations but the several mitigating circumstances involved do give cause for that questions I do have. As I said, I refuse to accept the shoulder shrug I have been given. If you or anyone else thinks less of me, so be it. I will keep looking under rocks until there are no more. If this is the wrong rock, I then it is…my bad. I will move onto to the next and ask different questions, and life will move on.

  7. There is far too much concern and caring in this comment thread. Next thing you’ll start posting cat pictures.

    Fuck cats! Fucking fuzzy little evil mooching purring shit-producers. They’re as bad as [redacted].

  8. Landru says:

    I certainly agree that there’s too much fucking caring and concern in this thread, which is why I’m fucking glad that steven showed up to fucking hate on fucking Jenny McCarthy, and why I’m also fucking glad that we come here to fucking say fuck a lot. Now let’s fucking get back to fucking things, you fucking undead carebear.

  9. Landru says:

    I would like to thank all of my fucking minions who fucking showed up here to show the fucking zombie the fucking clicklove.

    I’d also like to fucking take credit for it, but that would be over the fucking top.

  10. mikey says:

    Shortly I shall leave for the big city to eat gawd knows what and watch Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers make incredibly polished rock n roll at a place on Polk called the Red Devil Lounge at which I have never been. I have a VIP table for two, a date WAY above my station whom, if I hadn’t dazzled her with my outlaw charm some forty odd years ago that day in the doorway of the library would have the good sense to stay well away from people like me, and a lovely spring night on far left edge of the map.

    Since it would be kinda weird (not that my current post isn’t pretty far out of band) to document the show on CTS, I may have to do it in comments here at the Empire.

    That is, assuming the Empire is even accessible tomorrow and has comments open. The zombie is very prickly, and yes, coming from mikey that’s prickly indeed…

  11. mikey says:

    I’m a little worried because they’re touring in support of a new album I have never heard.

    I’ll want to hear the oldies, Beautiful Disaster and My Heart is a UFO and Green & Dumb and what if they play a buncha stuff I don’t know the words too?

    Talk me down from this crisis, fer crisis sake…

    • You could buy the new disc from eMusic and listen to it on the way over. I am sure it is wonderful.

      Or, you could be pleasantly surprised and buy the thing from Roger hisself. Buy him a drink and he would sign it, and all the money goes to a working musician. It’s good karma.

  12. mikey says:

    And I’m still trying to decide on the right dress-up knife…

  13. mikey says:

    OK, one more Sailor Jerry’s and I’m going to put on some trousers and get mobile….

  14. steven says:

    I was going to comment of what Sasha said and a few others, but since this devolved into nothing more than the gratuitous use of the word fuck, here goes…fuck you fucking fuckers for dragging me into this twisted fucking cyber fuck-o-rama of the use of the fucking word fuck! Now fuck off, eh!

  15. steven says:

    No shit? You are all a bunch of silly fuckers.

  16. fish says:

    I have not fucked a silly in at least 7 hours.

  17. M. Bouffant says:

    incredibly polished rock n roll
    Kinda oxymoronic, innit?

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