Fuck The Eagles

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Fuck You Friday, Shovels

Fucking headlining Summerfest. There’s only one thing to be said.

Fucking Eagles.  Music for people who don’t care about music.

  1. Pinko Punko says:

    Take it easy, Desperado.

    I’m already gone.

  2. Pinko Punko says:

    I just wanted to see how many Eagles songs I could get into a comment, but EFF them!

  3. M. Bouffant says:

    I have always hated the Eagles, I hate them at this very second (no matter when this is being read) & I will continue to hate them at least until the mountains fall into the sea.

    A friend said front row seats for these fucksticks at a Vegas showroom were US$3,000. Of course you get drinks & a snack & a gift bag, so it’s not all wasted.

    • They’re fucking headlining one night at Summerfest. I plan to stand outside the Amphitheater and try to pick fights. I may make a “Don Henley Must Die” t-shirt. What, like an EAGLES FAN is going to be able to beat me?

  4. mikey says:

    Of course, in my whitebread mainstream white american musical sensibilities, I REALLY like the Eagles. I lived in Fort Worth in the mid ’70s and I think the most important albums were Saturate before using, Fleetwood Mac, Burning Sky and Hotel California. Although that list should really include Greetings from Asbury Park and Tejas.

    But y’know, I’m not going to be influenced by the kewl kids. I read Yglesias, I’m happy for Ezra Klein, I find Greenwald unreadable and music has as much to do with where you were and what you were doing as it has with any artistic merit.

    Thus endeth the sermon…

  5. Well, at least you like Roger.

  6. Fleetwood Mac,

    It’s not something I advertise, but I recently downloaded the re-mastered three disc version of Rumours. I love hearing the rough versions of some of the songs, especially when Chrissy is instructing chord changes in between verses and playing piano…

  7. My dad made his living playing in bar bands in the seventies. That meant I was exposed to far beyond the legal dose of iggles as a child. I won’t go so far as to say I like them, but their music is etched into my psyche in such a way that I can’t really NOT like them either. It’s complicated.

  8. mikey says:

    Of course, to be honest, I LOVE REO Speedwagon, and I truly believe that High Infidelity is one of the great artistic accomplishments of our time.

    And, for that matter I LOVE .38 Special and BTO…

    • Reo Speedwagon is at Summerfest. Jess Sane….

      And although I have Nine Lives and some other content, I recently revisited Hi Infidelity and decided that even the zombie library didn’t need it. Certain Spouses of Zombies disagree, of course…..

  9. mikey says:

    Interesting observation. When you empty one bottle of Sailor Jerry’s and twist open a new one, kinda back to back, you can’t help but notice they taste…different.


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