Fuck All Y’all Motherfuckers

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Fridge Note, Shovels

As mikey said earlier, ‘zombie is being prickly’ and o yes, ladies and ferrets, I was such.  Prickly doesn’t begin to describe it. I debated throwing the whole blog over into Jones Island for a couple of days, yes I did.  Things were going pear shaped, on several fronts….

There were Bad Things happening on the Robotics front. On the personal side, there was a death in the extended family that hit me harder than I would have expected, and immediate family needed tending.  And Klark Kent duties continued to be strong and weird and pressing; and yes, stress yes. Fucking life, yanno?  and although I bleed onto this blog on a regular basis, I (try) to keep most of Real Life at hands length…

[dammit, I seem to have caught ellipsilepsy from mikey)

So after all was said and done, all I wanted to do was say Fuck.  So I did.  “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck it all and fuck that fucking brat” Things needed to be fucked off.  And I didn’t want to hear from you fucking motherfuckers, so comments were fucked.


And I kept up with the fucking posts.  Oddly, it was very easy to fuck something in a post; my older Fuck You Friday posts were always much tougher and involved.  But a Fuck title and a picture, we were cool; blogging DONE!

Well, as mikey has noted, I am verbose.  And I take forever to get to the fucking point (except when I am telling you to Fuck Off And Die).

I was intending to just post FuckPost after FuckPost, until everybody got tired of it.  I figured I could last much longer than anybody else.  After all, there is no end of things that I can fuck off. I didn’t care to comment, and my goal was to make sure none of you cared either.

But, weird and repellent as it may be, that is not the way it worked out.

First of all, you assholes matched me, foulness by foulness and hate for hate.  And then, you started making it a standard.  Hey, it’s not like I give a shit if you say fuck.  And if you say Fuck Somebody, we’re even better. We Do Say Fuck, you know?

So I had to shock, right?  Fuck Music, Fuck Robots, Fuck all the things I care about.  Because actually, that was pretty close to where I was; I was feeling no inspiration in any of those areas that I usually turned to for solace. Fuck blogging.  Fuck all my Imaginary Digital Friends. Fuck My Life…

Sooooo, weird thing.  All y’all assholes kept showing up in comments (when I allowed).  All y’all kept chuffing and scatting.  Making jokes and being weird.  And then when I got aggressive and stupidly Fuck-intensive in respect of another blogger’s post and stories, y’all reacted with grace and respect, while still using cusses as appropriate.  I am still in awe.  You fuckers.


Really, it was weird.  I kept making nasty-ass posts, and like honey badgers, you just didn’t give a fuck, did you?  You all just kept drawing me out, saying things that you knew I had to respond to…. I started putting comments into the mix.   I started responding…

So, you know, Fuck all y’all.


DogDammit, I did a big Fuckarall, offended someone I didn’t know, and it turned into a reasonable and considerate discussion.  AT THE FUCKING EMPIRE.  what the hell, Yanno? Who expected that.

FuckDammit, all of you. I hate you all for making me feel better about blogging.  I hate all of you for making me feel better about other people.  I hate all of you for making me feel better. I hate all of you for making me like all of you.

kirk_slapI will probably stop the Fuck Titles now.  So back to music titles, which nobody ever liked anyway.

So thanks for making me feel better, you twisted bunch of fucks.  And when I need help, I will contact you directly for cash.


  1. Another Kiwi says:

    The point, THE FUCKING POINT, is that we are all in this together.
    Zombie raves.

  2. Another Kiwi says:

    The reason people stick around is because it is the same for us all, no one rides for free. It hurts us all. So we stick together. You are 100% right. Raving is good eg. Buddy Holly, John Donne.

  3. Another Kiwi says:

    In this house there is a decimal point and some zeros involved when talking of how often I am right.

  4. Another Kiwi says:

    Leaky ass dog and sausages. What could go wrong?

  5. Wait, who am I talking to again?

  6. Landru says:

    Yeah, your blog is all about you. Whatever. Fuck you.

  7. I will probably stop the Fuck Titles now.

    But… but… Zombie’s Fuckblog would be a great title, and you’d get a lot of hits from pervy weirdos… OTHER pervy weirdos.

  8. Here I was waiting for teh apogee:


    I will contact you directly for cash

    Fuck off.

  9. mikey says:

    Cash? Psssshhh.

    Yer outta yer freakin zombie mind.

    You get a great big ass drink and a pedantic explanation of why you should use Linux.

    And then you get the fucking shovel…

    • Since I am pretty sure mikey tole me that Summerfest was no fun, I am also pretty sure he is already several drinks behind….

    • Oregon Beer Snob says:

      Don’t listen to mikey, I hear Oracle is doing some really amazing things with their newest version of Solaris.

    • mikey says:

      I probably did say Summersausagefest was no fun, but what I mostly meant it it’s too damn much effort for the fun it delivers. It’s all about the ROI – man to man, smoke a RoiTan. I’d rather lay around and listen to music while watching baseball and surfing smut. Much more fun for the effort expended…

  10. Off to Shitcago, don’t make a mess….

  11. fish says:

    Was I supposed to notice that the blog was somehow different than before? Well fuck me.

  12. Also: fuck you, you big softy!

  13. mikey says:

    Besides, Thunder should be around any time now to explain to us how that fucking fascist Obama has destroyed Social Security for ever and always in a fit of corrupt, murderous hatred.

    Or something…

  14. Landru says:

    What’s really awesome is that now that fish has showed up, it’s perfectly ethical for us to say it’s all his fault.

  15. fish says:

    Just because your Caps are in the lamest division on planet Earth, putting them in first in their division and ahead of the Bruins in the standings for god fucking knows why, does not mean they deserve any respect. Yeah, I took the cheap shot.

  16. mikey says:

    Just thought I’d add this to the tale…

  17. Pinko Punko says:

    Mikey, that is a great song, but I have to go contra the them of this post:


    and the sparks fly

  18. Another Kiwi says:

    Where do Sqwirls get the money to buy stuff? They are hit Sqwirls for the mob?

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