Fuck Music

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Music nobody listens to, Shovels

I am sure this will be of small interest to almost all of you, but local College Radio Stalwart WMSE, back in the day, would bring in local musicians to play in the studio, as is tradition.  Well, they then transferred all that audio to carts, for airplay.

Now they have transferred those songs once again to mp3s, and opened up the vaults for download. Like socialism, only noisier.


For me, this is awesome.  None of you will recognize any of these bands, although I will find it very surprising if anyone doing any serious spelunking DOESN’T find something they like.  You won’t find lost tracks from the Femmes or the BoDeans or anything; rights to those songs can’t be opened up, fuck the record companies.  But there are gems like Sigmund Snopek, and Wild Kingdom (ska-punks that later morphed in funk-punks Citizen King, whose stellar “Better Days (then the Bottom Drops Out)” has been featured on the Empire several times.

Many many bands I’ve seen and forgotten; musicians that have moved on to better things (or moved on from this plane of existence, fuck Death).

And it’s all free.  Way to go, Messy Radio.

HEY LOOK.  There’s some pretty good quality vid of Wild Kingdom on the Utuber.  Good Dawg, I spent much time skanking in front of these nutzoids.

  1. anne says:

    make music.. , of living

  2. anne says:

    and also i noted something of you mentioning ..men and of how seeing col., in one of my very quick looks over here while eating , i will be dealing with this in a grand way this fall in ,a shew,showing of – i said more of on blackdog’ under grey hoos , and at oreg.

  3. Fuckin’ A, bubba – I ain’t’nt sure what fuckin’ pills you took this fuckin’ week, but the fuck choir says hallefuckinluljeh!

    Warming up teh download fingers.

    • I am regrettably not well versed in his work. I shall rectify it, of course.

      Also, Roger Ebert.

      Not bad people to welcome to zombiehood, but I would not have complained if they had stayed breathers for a bit longer.

  4. HELL YES. Tix for The Joy Formidable, and later Japandroids playing Turner Hall. Rock.

  5. Zelmo says:

    Wild Kingdom at the Odd Rock!!!

    Loved the Wild Kingdom. Loved the Odd Rock Cafe.

  6. Zelmo says:

    And how did I miss Wobble Test?

    Oh, I know. Pre-internet, there was no way to be exposed to this band other than attending a show. But that took time and money. And most of all, awareness of the fact that they were playing. Sure, I saw them listed in the Shepherd events calendar. Along with dozens of other shows. How to choose? I wasn’t tapped into the scene, and had no exposure from friends who could lend me a cassette or make a recommendation.

    Guess I just wasn’t hanging out with the right people.

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