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Posted: April 6, 2013 in Fridge Note




  1. Another Kiwi says:

    Go Young Zombie’s team!

  2. Landru says:

    That tops my kid news; Bam’s older bro Databoy went to his Rubik’s Cube team’s first competition today. They made the final heat but didn’t place. Young team, all freshmen and sophomores. They’ll be back.

    Gratz on the First Robotics thing. Databoy’s school–which is a science magnet–actually doesn’t have a team.

  3. I had so much fun at the Championships two years ago. I am already blocking out my time to drive down again….

  4. mikey says:

    Winning kix arse.

    Go young zombie – the force is strong with this one.

    St. Louis, on the other hand, is in Missouri. I can’t reccomend it – not the people, not the flat-as-a-nun’s-tit countryside, not the pointless big steel arch, not the five-churches-per-square-mile puritanical fanaticism and not the whole red-legs thing I learned about from “The Outlaw Josie Wales”. And Kansas is no better…

  5. Someone ate the right brain for breakfast! (Left?)

    Congrats Young Zombie!

  6. mikey says:

    Also, too, you might re-think the lavender text.

    Just a suggestion from a friend…

  7. Huh. well, looks like I have to add a tag to this post, since the shovels have been unlimbered and are starting to swing pretty freely.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      I’m with Paleotectonic on teh scrape-avoidance. I’m far too old to be picking bits of broken glass and other people’s teeth out of my scalp in the morning. Also it’s bad for the waterbed.

  8. I nearly got my ass handed to me by a bar in St. Louis.

    I am pretty sure that if you got your ass kicked by an inanimate structure, you were probably pretty wasted.

  9. mikey says:

    Pet Peeve alert.

    Fighting in bars is, well, fighting in bars. With strangers. Who may be much better than you think you are, or much better armed, or much more sober.

    If you choose to fight with strangers in bars (and I am not pretending to some kind of universal innocence, I have insulted strangers in many saloons and had to fight my way to the door), you must be willing to accept the outcome. In some magic summer night moments, you might land a series of righteous right hands, beer pitchers and pool cues and strut out of the bar with the girl, bruised knuckles and a chance to piss on their Camaro, but it frankly doesn’t always work out that way.

    And if you want to dance with the devil, you better be willing to absorb the shots that big ass dood at the end of bar might choose to inflict. Once again, if you can get in some shots and maybe even put him on the floor, sure, walk out feeling awesome and cocky, but if they drag you out by your heels and throw you in a ditch filled with stagnant water and beer piss, well, you took your shot, and you earned your outcome.

    Of course, if you’re angry, you can always firebomb the fucking place later that night. I won’t tell…

    • I was in a bar which erupted into a full-scale melee, bottles thrown and everything. I treated the whole thing like a fire drill- “Okay, girls in the middle, everyone up against the wall so you can’t get flanked. I’m in the lead, let’s go. If anyone comes near, shove them as hard and as far as you can off to the side so they’re not in the way.” I walked the lead, fists cocked and glaring daggers, and we hightailed it out of there. People were breaking car windows in the parking lot. It was bizarre how quickly everything took place- at one moment, everything was hunky-dory, then things got real ugly real fast.


    • It often surprises my sparring partners how well I can take a punch or a kick. Then, while they are trying to figure out why I didn’t even move, I come in with a nice quick combo.

    • Also, paleo quite clearly stated that he FOUGHT a bar, not IN one….

    • Excuse me, Mr. Mikey sir.

      I were not bragging upon a scrap. When I was pre-paleo, my big opinionated mouth, and the fact that I was frequently one of the smarter kids in the room, got me into a few, and the best I can ever say is that I never left a fight wherein the other sumbitch didn’t know he’d-a been there, and generally the most I could say was ‘Oww.’

      The issue was that I was in love, with a young woman, skin like mocha, voice like honey, and I had a life planned. I am a very pale yank. The denizens of the bar were less than positive about our burgeoning and deeply heartfelt relationship. After I informed them that they should swish around fer a bit and then fuck off, the bartender informed me that I had a cab coming. Not having called a cab, I queried him on the point. Looking at him and the rest of the knuckle draggers in the bar, I realized that I had indeed called a cab and was late for an appointment.

      As a dignified old guy, and never having had any martial training, I try to avoid scrapes. I assure you, teh last thing Imma trying to do is puff myself up – I know my limitations. I prefer a mere hangover to a hangover and sore jaw.

      I may, on the third hand, have considered your last idea, for a handful of minutes before finding a more welcoming bar.

    • Imagine how awesome that story would be if you had been with a mocha-colored GUY.

  10. Awesome news! Needs a celebratory song. Now, fess up, did the robot win because it was sexy?

    • [FIRST pedant] I have said it before, but the way Kamen set this up, the robots are only Macguffins. The ACTUAL product of the FIRST robotics program is kids that get jazzed about STEM, or go into engineering disciplines, or learn about working on collaborative projects, or learn project management, or learn how the real world works. I often say “we won’t have enough time, enough people, or enough money. Welcome to actual life”.

      The Chairman’s award is designated for a team that ‘Exemplifies the mission of FIRST’ – a team that spreads the word, that fosters coopertition and embodies Gracious Professionalism, that helps other teams, that builds toward a sustainable business plan, that uses marketing and social media, that mentors other teams and schools, and that establishes a high level of involvement and standards. [\FIRST pedant]

      So, no. sexy robots have nothing to do with it. REAL robots have a little to do with it. Even so, YZ’s team this year did not have a highly effective robot. But since that isn’t what Chairman’s is about, they’re still going to St. Louis and they have a couple of weeks to get the robot in shape (well, kinda. But that’s a whole nother pedantic comment).

      With the obsession about Sexy Robots, I start to suspect that Bastard is actually Glenn Reynolds.

  11. mikey says:

    …that builds toward a sustainable business plan, that uses marketing and social media…

    I assume, then, that the marketing campaign includes liberal use of Lavender text. Perhaps as part of the overall corporate ID strategy.

    Branding, kids. Remember, it’s your brand. Own it and protect it…

  12. yay!!!!! that is awesome. Congratulations YZ

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