Red Skies at Night

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Maggie Thatcher, dead and gone.  Maybe you’ve heard.

There are people who turn the axle of the world; Thatcher was one such.  She turned it (along with Reagan) to screw us all just a little bit big whopping shitload more.  She hated her citizens, she hated me and she hated you.  She probably hated her children and grandchildren, but eating them would have given the game away.  The depredations of George Bush (either fucking one) were based on the horrors she visited upon her country.  Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul are working the shit-stain she authored.

…anyway.  Not a fan, no I’m not.  I’d say the world is better with her gone, but she’s done her damage. I’ve said it in several places:  40 years too late.

Big B put up a music post (and you guys call ME obsessive; oh well, at least he didn’t post a Robyn Hitchcock video) and he posted a good Mekons song (like there are any other types, ho-ho), Vengeance.  But I read this, about the song that gives this shitty blog a title.  So here ya go, you’re fucking welcome:

And because I love you all so fucking very much and you need to eat every last bite of your vegetables, here are the goddam lyrics:

no one’s making any noise now, sshhh,
we’ve been waiting for so long,
they took away our films and tapes and notebooks
but it’s ok ‘cos we’ve self-censored this song.
but these lines are all individuals
and there’s no such thing as a song
and even the silent are now guilty in the empire of the senseless…
what’s your line of questioning sir?
i can’t interrupt (intercept) a one word sentence,
invent a war in secrecy
sliding scenery like a vintage toy,
isn’t plastic surgery wonderful?
satellite secret national security,
empire of the senseless
turning journalists into heroes takes some doing,
empire of the senseless
boring ollie north down in the subway dealing drugs and guns,
empire of the senseless
turning little liars into heroes, it’s what they’ve always done,
empire of the senseless
this song promotes homosexuality
it’s in a pretended family relationship with the others on this record
and on the charts and on the jukebox
and on (in) the radio and in the radio
no one’s making any noise now, sshhh,
stay quiet,
all unacceptable gropings have been removed from the screen,
only eyes full of unspeakable thoughts remain,
and even the silent are now guilty in the empire of the senseless…
baked beans, sugar, and margarine
bread, jam, groceries, and lard,
for the unsentimental,
the men who like the lady hard,
the men who like the hard lady.
“and you know that people are really rather afraid,
afraid of being swamped”
afraid of being swamped by selfishness and greed.

the Hard  Lady indeed.  Swamped by selfishness and greed, that’s your legacy, Thatcher.  The entire world swamped by selfishness and greed.

  1. Another Kiwi says:

    That is your actual poetry there. Well done Mekons

  2. She was awful, but a lot of great music came about as a result.

  3. mikey says:

    I guess I’m sort of impressed how worked up you guys can get over world leaders from over 30 years ago. Death isn’t some kind of justice – we ALL end up dead, there’s just no way to declare a tie a win. They did what they did, they got rich and went un-punished – shocking, I know, but I don’t see long lines of prosecutors outside of Dick Cheney’s front door either, so I guess it’s all part and parcel of life in a modern “democracy”.

    Honestly, things are SO much worse today, and have been made so by people and events that came well after the Reagan/Thatcher ’80s. Pretty much anything that happened before the fall of the Soviet Union at best shaped events in a way that led to what we have today. A world in increasingly violent turmoil, political systems increasingly unable to govern, even malevolently, and a global economic system that has eaten it’s seed corn and is now consuming it’s own children and the very planet on which it exists.

    I can’t work up a good goddamit over the Maggie & Ron Traveling Road Show and Alzheimers Ward. Fuck ’em, they did a bunch of bad shit when I was still trim and handsome and got laid all the time. Yeah – THAT long ago. And now, a generation later, you can see the demise of human civilization from here – and no matter how they might have contributed to the end game, it’s way to much credit to BLAME them for it – so FUCK what a bunch of venal political hacks did all those years ago. It kind of seems like being pissed at Tom Taylor for Lincoln’s assassination…

    • I didn’t say there was justice, mikey. Didn’t talk about punishment, retribution, or hell. Didn’t even say I was glad she was gone.

      All I said was she is now dead, she did her damage long ago, and I would have liked to see her die before she did the damage.

      No, she didn’t create today’s world. She did enable it. I believe that was what I said. And reading the comments, they are mostly about music, and nobody seems all that worked up about it.

      Are you sure you didn’t intend that comment for another blog? I know how it goes, you have all these windows open, and lose track of how many drinks you’ve had, and there’s no baseball on so you get cranky….

    • Having said that, FUCK that Tom Taylor guy.

  4. mikey says:

    You mis-interpret my post. I am SHOCKED. I wasn’t taking anyone to task, chastising anyone, or even differing with your content or your intent. I though I would offer my take on Maggie’s passing, and yeah, in a way I was commenting on a lot more than this post. You, and the Big Bastard, and about three dozen more I’ve seen scattered around left blogistan. Interestingly, something my somewhat less than garrulous zombie friend often fails to understand, there are wide swaths of commentary territory between “YOU’RE A GENIUS” and “YOU’RE AN IDIOT”.

    Also, too, as I have said before, I found much of the music from that period tiresome, so I’m not going to be qualified to weigh in on the musical history. But if you go back and read it again (if you can be arsed to do so – I wouldn’t bother if I were you) you’ll discover that I didn’t really challenge any of your positions, nor did I attribute to you anything you didn’t say, but rather just offered my comment on the way the intert00bz seems to be reacting to the life and passing of the iron horse, or whatever nickname they want to giver her and her ideological fellow traveler, Ol’ Dead Ron.

    At some point you’ll come to understand that this is mostly a conversation, and when I choose to challenge you opinions or conclusions I will always do so in much more stark and less, well, conversational terms…

  5. Anyway, I am about to head out to have some food, some drinks and see some live music. It’s such a lot of work….

  6. mikey says:

    I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

    I’ll stay on the sofa…

  7. As has been noted, Reagan was just as awful, all we got was Huey Lewis.

    Like hell, how could you forget these guys?

  8. Not a fan, no I’m not.

    I dunnooooo, I couldn’t tell from your post. You need to emote more.

  9. My previous four comments were from a bar.

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