That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Music nobody listens to


  1. mikey says:

    Lots of people die hard in fire and smoke and chaos every day, the dying screams of the women and children in places like Karachi and Shigal and Mali and Syria and South Sudan and Nigeria and Iraq and an endless list of places where men with guns and thugs with bombs spill buckets of blood unnoticed by a world that finds itself transfixed when, once again, Americans find themselves shocked and outraged that they might be victims too…

  2. mikey says:

    But hey, on the upside, the Giants are in Milwaukee. You should be at Miller Park checkin’ it out…

    • fuck that. Couch, cheap rum, computer, maybe a little chiba if I call my buddy…..I have been reliably informed that that is the way to do recreation — low effort, high return.

      Besides, they are just going to lose anyway. Although driving past the stadium this morning, I did briefly consider just going ahead and joining the Giants bandwagon. It’s a cheesy move, but it might even be worth re-acquainting myself with teh game again, just to watch somebody who knows how to play it.

      But then, they will probably not make it three years in a row, and I would be left just sad and bereft yet again. berefter, I mean. Better not to risk it.

  3. mikey says:

    Good call. It looks like the Braves year.

    I hate the fucking Braves.

    But it is what it is….

  4. Silentmike says:

    The sandwich chain out here in AZ called cheba hut selling 4″ blunt sandwiches is starting to make more sense now that I’ve groked your statement . . . And of course, Byron was right, no money spent on pitching. How can we beat the Cubs with no pitching? (Well, sober pitching . . .)

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