Yeah, it’s Caturday

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Fridge Note, Fuck You Friday, Shovels


Only one of the robot kids showed up today, but I mostly got a frisbee delivery system finished. We fixed the shooter last week. Monday for a little coding, and then we’ve got a demo next week. Then it’s off to the Championships with YZ’s team.

Speaking of YZ, last night was Prom. I would post a pictures, but I don’t want y’all to get jealous of him and his supermodel date.

EDIT: picture of YZ and PromDate:

Happy 4/20, everybody. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

  1. Caturday? Shouldn’t it be Sexy Robot day?

  2. Yeah, my cats definitely do belong to the Society Of Putting Things On Other Things, they ain’t’nt happy unless the floor is a minefield.

  3. Caturday? Shouldn’t it be Sexy Robot day?
    Very trancy – pass the E, man.

    • BBBB has a Goofle alert to let him know whenever I mention robots, so he can visit and link to that video.

      Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hooked up with Substance and through cunning use of Janusnode, automated the whole response. I’ll bet he’s still at work, or sleeping off an 80 hour shift, or out searching for edible offal….

  4. out searching for edible offal…
    Scavenger or Euell Gibbons?

  5. LOL. One of the caught spam had this in the body:

    However, what about this? suppose you typed a catchier title?
    I ain’t suggesting your content isn’t solid, but suppose you added something
    to maybe get people’s attention? I mean �they say the enchantment has destroyed my reason�.Stir up thy brain, Smolken! | Empire Of The Senseless is a little plain.

    I actually considered that one of my catchier titles.

  6. awwww that prom pic is SO CUTE.

    also, I am so with that cat. That cat knows what it’s all about.

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