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Posted: April 22, 2013 in Fridge Note, Shovels


Turns out I am usually too busy building the damn thing to get any photos of the bugger. So here is this year’s FIRST robot, named “Taz”. Because it can spin in place, you see. Ha! Ha!. I kill me.

The dustpan on top is used to collect frisbees from a feeder station, and the partial bucket thing is a hopper with a little flipper to feed the frisbees. The impeller wheel then flings the frisbee through the arc, imparting linear speed as well as rotational motion. Right now, we’re getting accuracy at 40+ feet, on a target up to 12 feet high.

The two big aluminum plates house a failure of a floor-collection system and belt handling device, that was the source of much team friction and is completely entirely non-functional. It is another long story, and perhaps when everybody stops reading this blog I will relate it because I do not come off looking all that great in the end; but suffice to say for now that the mechanism and its designer were at least 60% of the reason the team had a poor showing at the regional.

In any case, we have made some modifications and now have a functional robot that would have worked pretty well in the game, and will in the demos and scrimmages we have coming up.

  1. I do not see any razor-sharp claws, cutting lasers, or brutal bludgeoning hammers. What kind of killer-death-robot designer are you?

  2. I kill me.

    I thought your hit-point status was inherent in the nym.

  3. Needs a beer holder… also needs to be sexier.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Does it make cupcakes?

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