I really shouldn’t tell my problems to a stranger; And now I’m hoping, since I’ve told you, There’s still a chance to hold you

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just a simple reminder:  Scott Walker sucks goat balls.

And, just as a reminder, is a Republican.  Republicans suck ass.  I did not care much for Jim Doyle as Gov, but he never governed over the race to the bottom like Turdwaffle has.  Democrats are mostly assholes, to be sure; but Republicans are, in every conceivable way, worse.

Also, I recently posted a link to local college-music radio station WMSE who posted a bunch of mp3s of local bands they had play in the studio.  Of course, I downloaded THEM ALL– 600+ songs of Milwaukee Music Fantistico, chundermuffins.  I have admitted that I have a problem, but since mikey was the only one who gave me shit about that and I drove him away last week, I AM LETTING MY FREAK FLAG FLY, BABEEKS!

So, here’s one.  “Truth Is”, by the Squares.  A bunch of midwestern dudes raised on power pop and Elvis Costello, who moved to Milwaukee during the musical fever swamp of the 80s:

LOOK, I TOLD Y’ALL THAT I WAS GONNA FIND A WAY TO POST MUSIC.  Just download it already.  Don’t make me pull out the Mekons.

  1. hmpf. also need to buy a new gas grill for charring animal flesh. Also, some shrubbery (and maybe a tree).

  2. The other day? When I mentioned that Wife Sublime stumbled in the stands at the Robot Championships? When she hurt her hand?

    She also got a SPECTACULAR bruise on her hip. In the shape of Syria.

    This means something, I am sure of it. Most likely it’s obama’s fault.

  3. mikey says:

    Just imagine being someone so stupid and detached that you DIDN’T wake up in fear.

    Zombie is a rational being…

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