Girl’s Got Rhythm

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to

OK, so I still have to work out whether I will do music on THAT OTHER BLOG, or crosspost, or limit my random howls to this one.  Look , I’ve been blogging forever, but I still suck at it.

Anyways, here’s some excellent punky poppy new music, even mikey might like it if he ever stops by again.

If you didn’t turn it up loud after the first few seconds, I don’t think I want to know you.

  1. Landru says:

    Goddammit, there’s a secret blog and I wasn’t invited?

  2. I like how you assumed my stereo wasn’t already turned up. As if! It’s hard not to like four cute pop-punky girls, but I tried.

    I’m listening to this album:

    right now.

  3. mikey says:

    Well, I woulda stopped by a long time ago but I had no idea The Empire had shambled back to life. Somehow I get this image of a recalcitrant engine with a Coffman starter, and they only have four cartridges left in the box.

    I like The Spins. They kinda sound like a female Greenday, more on the basis of the guitars than the vocals. But since I now have the Google “Every Album and Every Song Ever Recorded EVAH” plan I shall check them out. The band name The Spins reminds me of a band I discovered last year called “The Sounds”, a kind of interesting rock n roll band with a female lead who are really interesting (or perhaps incoherent, sometimes the line gets a little blurry) lyrically.

    I’m ‘working’ from home today. I had an 8am WebEx and besides, the commies in the Transit Union went on strike so no BART for you! I think I’ll negotiate as much ‘work’ from home time as I can while the strike is on – I’m frankly just not a good enough driver to drive in The City, and my brand new car is bound to get scuffed up if’n I do.

    Kay, I gotta go now. Apparently my company is announcing the release of a new product at noon that I have never even fucking heard of. They keep telling me the key to success is communication, but I do not think that word means…well, you know.

    Welcome back!

    • I had no idea The Empire had shambled back to life.

      it was kind of a soft open, mikey.

      Imma working from home today also, mainly because I was up late last night finishing some lobby details for an apartment building that I had promised for the beginning of the week.

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