Chubby’s Chili Dog Depot

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels, Thread Open; have at it.

No real reason to make a post. Oh well, like that stops me.

Been watching the fuck out of Netflix horror streaming library, and most of it is shit. Oh, like that stops me!  working down into the sub-2 star realm.

One of my favorites, though, is Tucker And Dale vs. Evil, starring an actor that you Browncoats will recognize.  But otherwise, it turns all the spam-in-a-cabin tropes mostly upside down. And its fucking funny, in a chainsaw-gore kind of way.  If you tend toward rom-coms, it’s probably not your style.  Fans of woodchippers, though you are welcome.

I am just finishing up Boys Don’t Lie; A History of Shoes by Mary from PowerPop blog, and it is wonderful. It is long and filled with details, and it gives a band’s-eye-view of the shitty way major labels treat bands. and It gives insight into the creative and business process at the same time.  You really could do worse than to allocate a little time this fall to read it.  I mean, if you like music and understanding how it gets to you.  Unless you think music just somehow magically shows up on free download sites.

Oh, yeah, free download points for anyone who identifies the Post Title without Goofling.

I appy-pologize for not blogging every day.  I got a lot of pent up yowling and writing to do, but I have been working my ass off on actual real-life work, and the Robots are ramping up at the same time.  Hey! should mention that the Robotigers were on the second place alliance at an off-season event.


Hey, you haterz, Rush is not only just releasing a remixed version of Vapor Trails, their return album, but they are also releasing a live album and a DVD of their last tour.  The DVD  documents the first time they ever have toured with extra musicians on stage, a string set and believe me it not only made the new album SING, but it made the old stuff sound new.  Amazon is offering a deal for all three things, if you do and I think you should.

Also, the TeaBaggers are fucking HILARIOUS.

EDIT.  In the vein of the above sentence, please to be enjoying the Tea Party Insult Generator.

  1. just for the record: Jennifer is still banned.

  2. Landru says:

    Alan Twodicks is awesome, and it’s no wonder Gina Torres was all hot and bothered by him before Joss Wheedon drove a tree through his chest.

  3. fish says:

    I burnt his house down for what he did to Wash.

    I am all hot and bothered by Gina Torres.

    Working a lot IRL is a good thing, right? Means you have work and shit.

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