Further up, further in

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Fridge Note, Shovels, Turdwaffle and problems


It seems likely that I would have made a lousy Shop teacher.


Further updates as situation warrants.


Also, Turdwaffle is still in trouble.  Maybe we can clean up our State government again.  Wisconsin has always been known for squeaky clean government, Illinois makes fun of us.  This level of corruption and evil just doesn’t compute.  Daily updates on some of this stuff at The Political Environment.

  1. What do you think the odds are Walker gets pinched? Think he’ll skate completely?

    • I think he’ll go the way of Nixon. Some of his closer guys do some easy time in the House of Many Doors, he either steps down or doesn’t run. I might make it 60-40 that he’ll run, but he’s gonna be damaged goods. The level of secrecy on this, is kind of telling. The last John Doe came within a couple of office doors of him, and it is sounding like this one is picking up from there. It must also be alarming that a Federal investigator is running it, rather than a State one who is more susceptible to political considerations.

      He’s a goon and a thug and an idiot. You might think the Kochs could afford better henchmen.

    • It’s like Michele Bachmann is doing right now – he’ll find someone to fall on the nearest sword, take a year for the team, and receive a wingnut welfare payday.

      No connection will be made by anyone, save those of us howling into the void, that his policies are braided with his crimes, and so the policies will remain, endlessly stomping on the face of Wisconsinites, leaving the imprint of a turdy waffle, forever.

      Walker will do some sort of political penance, a speech, something along the lines of “I am sorry if I inadvertently starved a family or two, but it was my patriotism moving me.”, do the Morning Joe tour, and come back, tanned, rested, ready, and dumb.

      Scott Fitzgerald would be a nice head on the pike. (Dear whinging conservative derptches – this is metaphor.)

    • mikey says:

      Oh, they can.

      Their problems isn’t with the ability to pay, it’s with the job description and selection bias. If all they needed was quality henchmen, they’d have ’em by the dozen. Note that their oil company doesn’t lack for high quality thugs, goons and lackeys.

      In their political endeavors, they need to find honest fascists, ideological true believers who are able to live entirely in the far-right loony bubble, capable of not only believing seven impossible things before breakfast but able to communicate in the coded language of the American Political Right.

      Real quality thugs have a pragmatic streak – they can easily recognize the difference between a an act of ideologically driven idiocy and an ugly, brutal, sociopathic act in furtherance of their wealth and that of their benefactors…

    • No, it’s really not a metaphor. I have started a pikes-n-torches side business.

  2. I can imagine that any zombie shop teacher might be, shall we say, less than strict with the table saw safety rules.

    But now I want to know what happened.

  3. HAH> I figured out how to dig a foundation hole in a 3D site model. SHOVELS, bay-bees, DIGITAL SHOVELS.

  4. mikey says:

    Something something Digital something too many fingers…

  5. Jim H. says:

    Hope all fingers are still intact and attached.

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