Harvest Moon

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

I see the days grow shorter
I feel the nights grow cold
Young people feelin’ restless
Old people feelin’ old
I sense the darkness clearer
I feel a presence here
A change in the weather
I love this time of year

OK, so far American Horror Story: Coven is doing MUCH better than last year’s shambolic mess of a story.  Of course, adding actors like Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett to the cast is certain to have a beneficial effect.  Also, the setting in New Orleans is certainly fertile, if not fecund.

The Walking Dead is off to a stellar start this year, ramping up the terror and some of the squeamishness also; Rick hobbling the pigs to draw the walkers away from the fence was simply stellar filming and acting.  Rick actually showed emotion!  And Michonne broke her emotional wall TWICE:  jumping off her horse into a bunch of zombies (immediately recognizing how stupid that was) and when she was holding the baby.  BACKSTORY.

I have a zombie movie on:  Flight Of The Living Dead, or as I like to call it, Brains on a Plane. No Sammy Jackson, but right now the brethren are eating a nun from the toes up.  The cast is all nobodies, so anyone can die at anytime, because nobody had the star power to negotiate survival.


Later, the Packers face the woeful Vikings at the re-inflated Metrodome.  Yeah, yeah, Adrian Peterson.  But Christian Ponder.

And Turdwaffle is still under threat of indictment.  Is it possible that the Kochs will cut him loose and leave him to reside  in The House Of Many Doors (h/t driftglass)?

I love this time of year.


EDITED.  Just to welcome Lou Reed to the brethren.  Look, I love Lou and he knows that; but having seen him on the New York tour, I will say that becoming a zombie will not significantly impact his mobility.

  1. Landru says:

    Call me a dick, but I really like that people like Christian Ponder, Matthew Stafford, and Jay Cutler give you false hope.

  2. mikey says:


    In an irrational act of unprecedented irrationality, I irrationally sat up ’til three aye emm drinking with my bro in law. So I sleepily slept through the forty niners game, which was a sleeper anyway. Now I’ve got the Steelers, who through an incompetent act of sheer incompetence are managing to make the Raiders look like a professional football team. Now I’m going to make something to eat and take (another) nap.

    • In an irrational act of unprecedented irrationality, I irrationally sat up ’til three aye emm drinking with my bro in law.

      I see nothing irrational in that.

    • just whomped up a lasagna that should be perfect by game time. Cooking is thirsty work, you know.

      Edroso has a good eulogy for Reed. But I will say that if you need artists working to throw popular culture back in your face, the Mekons are still working. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past them to do a Reed tribute album next. Produced by Steve Albini and Rick Rubin, played on toy instruments.

      Because you know Lou would want it that way.

  3. mikey says:

    Just the three aye emm part.

    Probably should have started earlier…

  4. I want to have Eddie Lacy’s children. Well, possess, I guess – wrong plumbing…

  5. sheesh. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for the Vikings now.

    …wait, it’s passed.

  6. Don’t go into a goddam prevent defence now or ever – I hate the damn thing!

  7. resembles, of all things, a Jawa crawler.

    If it’s the pictures I’m coming up with, it’s awful. It’s like Albert Speer designing the Ministry of Truth. Architecturally, I see what they’re going for, but for a football stadium, it’s totally off the mark.

  8. No one has yet actually figured out how to pay for it,

    Not to mention that the current numbers are, inevitably, off by 75-200%.

    • The original site was an old ammunition plant site – which, due to widespread flammable groundwater, explains why the ACE provides my water at an incredible subsidy. Predicted cleanup was $750M. HA! MN would have been on the hook for it, and no way they would get away under a couple $Billion, the plume alone is about 8mi. in diam.

    • woot. Munitions have all KINDS of wicked toxins involved.

      Speaking of which, were you aware that Summerfest now occupies the site of the former Nike missile batteries? Beating swords into guitars….

    • Explains much behaviour there.

      “Beating swords into guitars”

      You use yer tongue pertier than a twenty dollar whore.
      No really, that is a damn neat sentiment.

    • mikey says:

      We had Nike batteries in Marin when I was growing up. I’ve always been fascinated by the fundamental stupidity of the concept. Nike Hercules was a surface to air interceptor guided missile designed to defend against Russian strategic bombers. But the accuracy of the guidance systems in those days was poor, so they came up with the brilliant idea of putting a 20kt nuclear warhead on the damn thing – just blow ALL the bombers out of the sky at once, and if any got through, hey, no prob, lob another nuclear warhead up in front of the survivors. But here’s the thing: these missiles had a range of less than 100 miles, fer fucks sake. So they were perfectly happy popping nukes forty thousand feet above American population centers. I guess the theory was that was better than 12mt Russian thermonuclear gravity bombs, but at some point y’gotta say fuck it, dead is dead…

    • Right? Thankfully, we have gotten that whole “massive amounts of money wasted on ill-conceived, unworkable, and stupid weapons systems and useless military toys” bug in our governing system all cleared up since then.

  9. Its neat how the final score indicates a competitive game.

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