Posted: December 2, 2013 in Fridge Note, Shovels

…just who the hell is this Harold Angel fella, and why is he harking all over the place?

(question inspired musically by Pinko Punko’s favorite band Bad Religion, on the seasonal playlist known as “Bells To The Wall”; as zombies have been getting all festive and decorative and such) (just taking a break and replenishing the holiday cup).

Also, desperately waiting for Blue Girl and Neddie Jingo to renew their holiday song tradition.  come on, you guys.

  1. He’s the former Prime Minister of Acappella, known for drinking heavily after pasta meals with the expected (colorful and/or gruesome) end result.

  2. A local band, the Mighty Deer Lick, would christen themselves the Mighty Reindeer Lick for the season and did a few punk covers, as well as some choice originals. One of which was “Christmas with Metallica”.

  3. Also, Princess Monster Truck loves nothing more than to hunker down under the tree. I guess she feels safe.

  4. The best remains ‘Fairytale Of New York’..
    MacColl is/was amazing, and Shane had only aged 742 years at that time.

  5. Sweet living fuck the Weeping Angels scare the FUCK out of me.

  6. I always like this one around this time of year:

  7. Also, too, &c.: That Bad Religion rendition of the song is excellent, as is the video.

  8. Pinko Punko says:

    Jennifer would sooner pet a spider than me click on some Bad Religion. Ha.

  9. Landru says:

    Go ask the Round Young Virgin.

  10. Pinko Punko says:

    Of course I do! I got to clean out the underbrush. I am also still working on last year’s PCW. Sigh

  11. Pinko Punko says:

    I assumed I would like Sailor Jerry’s better than The Kraken so I just got a giant one and now I am faced with thinking about drinking the whole thing but I don’t love it.

    • mikey says:

      I don’t think you’re evaluating it on the right set of criterion.

      The functional analysis is drunk over dollars.

      Or perhaps to make it clearer it’s psychoactive impact per dollar.

      Sailor Jerry’s is the clear winner.

      Plus hot chicks n shit.


  12. Sirius Lunacy says:

    For Paleo and OBS. Aquaclaus

  13. Sirius Lunacy says:

    My Christmas playlist has a couple songs by Weird Al and a couple by Heywood Banks, but is mostly comprised of songs by Bob Rivers. He does an excellent CCR,the Animals and my favorite, Jimi.

    • a friend of mine turned me on to the Angry Snowmans, doing covers of old punk songs. Also, the Arrogant Worms do some good stuff; as well as Milwaukee crazies the Ghostly Trio doing classics punk-jass style. also, and much harder to get, is locals the Mighty Reindeer Lick with a holiday tape they sold at shows many years ago.

  14. mikey says:

    I’m, frankly, confused.

    Are these songs we like to listen to, or ar these songs that convey some kind of sentiment we find attractive.

    ‘Cause I dunno, the idea of a song conveying an imperfect expression of my political or economic ideology seems like a low-precision argument at best. If we want to speak to various political and economic agendas, maybe it would be better to formulate a cogent argument and be prepared to defend it….

  15. mikey says:

    I offer this question honestly, because many of these songs are unpleasant to listen to…

  16. OK, now this is kind of weird, because mikey is whining about links that are, for the most part, in the classic rock spectrum that mikey is affectionate toward. I mean, it’s not as if I I posted a bunch of Sonic Youth Christmas songs (and yes, there is one such). But I never thought mikey was going to be a serious Christmas song traditionalist.

    I have a Christmas playlist of several hundred songs ranging from sweet and sentimental traditional songs to weirdness and punk lewdness (and at least two MST3K songs), but hardly any of them are “difficult to listen to”. And I enjoy all of them, but then I am one twisted musical motherfucker. And as twisted as I am, it’s not as a statement, but as a personal choice.

    But a couple of Tull songs, and one that’s a cover? I don’t see how those are ‘difficult to listen to” unless you have a genetic hatred of Tull, and I confess that it would hardly be the first time I’ve run across that.

  17. mikey says:

    Of course, one must take into account my well-known lack of musical taste and sophistication, coupled with my complete lack of filters when it comes to offering opinions on any topic. It’s one of my defining characteristics – for example, defining why I’m not married and live alone.

    I’ve never had a Tull album, so my Tull experience is limited to that which I heard on the radio. I have “Locomotive Breath” on a couple playlists. But nothing from the deep catalog…

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