It Started Out So Nice

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Fridge Note, Shovels, Thread Open; have at it.

Hey, two more snowfalls and no injuries shoveling, so I am at .670 for the season.  WINNING!

In recent years, ,snow fall has been declining and winters have been getting warmer overall.  Fuck you, AGW deniers. Seriously.

But anyway, it has gotten to the point that up here the construction industry has become used to being able to work pretty much year round, with a few more days where work can’t be done in the winter months. It has gotten to the point where the cliched “White Christmas” was pretty unusual; doesn’t look like it will be a problem this year.  It’s looking like a real outlier.  You know what that means, though:


I remember winters like this when I was a kid.  A foot of snow for Christmas was pretty typical.  One year, when I moved to Milwaukee, the snow was so deep that at street corners, the shoveled snow was piled so high you would have to kind of peek out from the cut between snowbanks to see if there were cars coming.  In many places, there simply was no place to put the shoveled snow, and the City had to engage a fleet of dump trucks and end-loaders to move it elsewhere.

Makes us tougher, is all.  Increases our drinking capacity.  weeds out the weak and whiny.  Yeah, sometimes cannibals, but just those couple of times.

Makes the cats rely on each other for warmth:


for the record, that’s Princess Monster Truck on the left and Cat Scabies on the right.

EDIT:  One for paleo:

  1. Good match for Pond, great match for Eleven, other two are ok, but great vid.

    Also, I need the entire defense and the offensive line cut at halftime, If we gonna suck, we suck econo. This is tragically bad.

  2. I am about ready to give up on the 2nd half and go back to watching American Horror Story repeats while sketching hedgehogs.

    Dallas couldn’t play like this against the Bears?

    • I confess it could be less Dallas playing well and GB playing terrible. The complete collapse of the O-line is new.

      The TMJ crew is starting (finally) to slag Dom Capers.

    • The this isn’t all Capers – horrible horrible tackling, confucian on every. single. damn. play, Horrible judgement. No one keeping their lanes. -Fucking Dez Bryant – Refs are not exactly consisten or good. Just ugh.

      Imma thinking of going Squatchy for the rest of the afternoon

  3. I also don’t know what lottery we lost to always have Joe Fucking Buck and Troy Fucking Aikman for our broadcasts this year. Must stab.

  4. 26-3.

    Yeah, might as well send the second team out for the rest of the game. Hell, rest of the season.

    heck, bring up all the practice squad.

  5. Showed the wife teh kitties.
    “Oooh, that’s so cute!”
    “Yeah. That’s Princess Monster Truck and Cat Scabies.”

  6. As the O-line watches 7 Cowboys wrap up Lacy…

    So, Bobo, Lesbo, Creepo, and Bieber it is. Wonder if they’ll find Biggie this time?


  8. It’s all on Capers now.



    …alright, now someone needs to beat Capers about the head and neck.

  10. herr doktor bimler says:

    What are you two on about?

    • Yay, sportsball! Go chosen team! Get the thing! Do the points!

      My beloved* Oregon State Beavers sportsball team is traveling to Hawaii for some sort of sportsball bowl on Xmas Eve. This means that instead of just drinking and eating festively with family and friends on that night, I will be forced to endure watching sportsball (while eating and drinking at least). And worse, watching our beloved** local sportsball team lose. No fun.

      *As if! Are you fucking kidding me?

      **No really, they suck worse than a really sucky thing.

    • What are you two on about?


  11. fish says:

    Get a room.

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