“Observe the snow.  It fornicates.”

January First!  A brand new year, glistening and fresh in its potential and waiting to bestow happiness and fun on all.  Let’s just see what we’ve got in this fantastic new Annum, shall we?

I…I am ready for 2014 to be over now.  I give.


Edited, to remind everyone that even Lucifer was once cute.


But she moved on.


  1. As the Milwaukee Raconteur and Uptowner Charm School Dropout Art Kumbalek says in his annual New Year’s Prediction column (reproduced here in it’s entirety):

    Last year: Sucked
    New year: Will suck, even harder.

  2. Jim H. says:

    Happy New Year!! Brrrrrrrrr!

  3. mikey says:

    Hey, I just noticed that the fake snow that WordPress makes follows the pointer around – at least to a point. You can’t make it snow UP – which would be a valuable public service, sending the little offending hydrogen/oxygen crystals back from whence they came….

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    You can have function, or reality, but not both.
    Trust me. I’m a psychologist.

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    Then it gets down to 0 degrees again. Minus eighteen for you Celsius fans.

    Just the right serving temperature for vodka!

  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Drop Von an e-mail. I e-mailed her to let her know that bbkf was coming to Chicago and the two of them had a blast.

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