Aerial Pandemonium Ballet

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Fridge Note, Shovels

FIRST Robotics season is upon us, and there is already a video of the gameplay in the interwebs:


oops.  That’s not quite right.  Here we go.



This is going to be a great game.  Robots getting tatered by exercise balls.  See you in about six weeks.  Schools are closed tomorrow for cold, but we’re meeting anyway.  No time for love, Doctor Jones!

  1. Landru says:

    I really wish you were my kid’s school’s First Robotics guy, instead of the fucking mongoloid that they’ve got (incredibly bad communication skills that result in exclusionary tendencies, sums it up pretty well). With ridiculous pressure from his biodad that amounts to “FR is the only way you’ll get into MIT!”, the kid’s in a bad way on this issue. But good luck to you and your’n.

    • I dunno if I would say it’s the ONLY way to get into MIT. But it’s surprising how many colleges value FIRST experience – even when the kid is not going into STEM fields. But really, MIT? Totally overrated. But the other thing about FIRST is the scholarships.

      Hah. Engineer mentors with poor interpersonal skills? UNPOSSIBLE. Actually, I think most teams would do well to have more mentors from outside the engineering field.

      Amusingly, last year I had our new mentor say to me “you obviously have never worked on a collaborative project” which smacked my gob. Obviously, he is unaware of how buildings get designed and built. I merely said, you have no knowledge of what I do or how I get it done, and left him to screw up our robot, as I had to go to a funeral. He is not mentoring our team this year.

      Woo. -25 degrees C this morning. Too cold even for Bimler’s Vodka. Managed to get the car started though, and our Robotics team is meeting today, even if school is closed, because it’s three days in and we’re one day behind already.

    • Also, tell your kid to try to find a way to have some fun in the season, regardless.

    • Landru says:

      He’s in a superhot magnet program that isn’t engineering-focused, and also in a county-wide engineering supplemental program–scholarship money isn’t going to be a problem. Unfortunately, he can’t do FIRST this year because of time and family constraints. I think that the mentor/coach/sponsor’s communications difficulties and his total surrender of the asylum to the inmates were bad, but Databoy would’ve been shut out by externalities anyway, although we might have been persuaded to do more to alter time, space, and physics given more incentive.

      And yeah, if he’s totally cereal about engineering–and I am unswayed by his behavior and pattern of interests, though I retain an open mind because he’s only 15, so he’s SUPPOSED to be a dumbass–I’d much rather he went to RPI. But money will call the dance there. I’m counting on his varsity Rubiks Cube team experience to carry him through.

      Yes, stay warm, Zombie. It is only because of your suffering and your potential for violent fits of brain-hunger that I have refrained from the most obvious of abuse over the last 24 hours. I owe you that much.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald says:

      It is only because of your suffering and your potential for violent fits of brain-hunger that I have refrained from the most obvious of abuse over the last 24 hours. I owe you that much.

      Piffle. The Packers barely deserved to be playing this weekend. But it is consoling that the Bears, Vikings, and Lions were all relegated to watching. And crying. Crying sweet, sweet Divisional tears.

      We had a good meeting, and now we need to move on to system envelope design.

  2. Is MSOE still highly ranked? And I think U-MN is considered pretty good , for what it’s worth.

    And commenting on an iphone is a pain in teh bollocks.

  3. My first thought would be “it depends on who the Anus is attached to”.

    But that led me to the concept of Nickelback’s Anus and THAT led me to the thought of Phil Robertson’s Anus, both of which are clearly worse than generic Anus…

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    Too cold even for Bimler’s Vodka.

    This is 100-proof Danska. Stays liquid down to -40 F.

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