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Posted: January 30, 2014 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels, Thread Open; have at it.

Gosh, I had so many things to post about, once or twice a day I’d log in, intending to blather on and on about something.  And then I would see something shiny and lose the plot.  Oh well.  Getting old isn’t for the weak.

Earlier this week, we had a second bout of sub-zero weather.  Wouldn’t be too much of a problem, we are in Wisconsin after all; nothing that hard liquor and a hammer won’t fix.  But up the street from my house, a water main broke on Sunday and the City crews wouldn’t get to it until Monday, so the water was running down the street for two days, freezing into ruts and ice-blocks.  I managed to get my car into the driveway over this glacier on Sunday night, but by Monday morning it was worse and getting out was a different matter.  My car kind of high-centered on the ice, and it took me forever, rocking the car and busting up the ice with a shovel before I could manage to get enough traction to pull the car back into the drive.  After whacking at the stupid ice all day with a shovel and a sledge, it looked like this:

Wheee fun.  Not being able to get out of the drive for two days, I was not able to finish some sketching I needed to do in my office, and had to re-schedule the meeting I was supposed to have today to go over the designs.  I hate doing that.

I woke up the other morning with a  Supertramp song going through my head and have been listening to them almost non-stop since.  Don’t judge me!  I am, however, reliably informed that they are dicks when it comes to lumber delivery, so here is one of their weaker songs with a typically overproduced 80s video.

I do have a music related post under development that is almost certain to be little more than mikey-bait, so I might as well apologize in advance for it.  If it will help.

I have two things I am working kind of hard on, one of which is preliminary work for this development:

Which involves the infill development of the vacant portions, as well as redevelopment of the existing classic schoolhouse building.  I love this project, one of the mixes of old and new that I lurrves.

The block is right in the middle of the project I designed that was finished up earlier last year.  You remember, this one:



…which has been nominated for a MANDI award, we went on a tour with the award committee a couple of weeks ago.  MANDI stands for Milwaukee Area Neighborhood Development Innovation, and recognizes projects and people that use unique approaches to addressing urban issues. We are also probably going to enter the project into Mayor’s Design Awards and the Wisconsin AIA Awards.

Mostly, though, I am working through the FIRST Robotics 6-week Build Season, we have about 2-1/2 weeks left.  Desperation is starting to develop….

Actually, I have held the schedule pretty well this year, and design and fabrication has been going pretty well.  Certainly better than last year.  We have a fair number of new mentors this year, and they are helpful rather than being disruptive; we are accomplishing several new goals this year, including augmented fundraising, having a running robot before Stop Build Day, attending a second Regional competition, doing more CAD design work, designing for servicing, using triage and critical path scheduling, better budgeting….  I am actually starting to be proud of the management and mentoring of the team this year.  Hopefully, we can manage a drive team that rises to the occasion….

I also managed to get the Sailor Jerry’s restocked, though.  HANDS OFF, MIKEY!!!

  1. Pinko Punko says:

    I should just send you the giant Sailor Jerry’s I bought. It is too sweet- tastes a little bit like cherry. I guess I am a doof, I prefer the Kraken, and am out. Harrumph.

    • PINKO!@!!!

      ….yes, just send me all your extra liquor. It’s very cold up here.

      Actually, you just make too much money. Impoverished architects like me can’t afford the Kraken. Sailor’s is like the Cthulhu.

      I had a call from an former client yesterday, he was looking to poach me as a tenant for one of his buildings, using possible work as an incentive; but I already have that arrangement with my current landlord. In the course of our discussion, he mentioned that his current tenant, one of the partners died a couple of weeks ago and the other partner, currently making Hollywood bucks doing sets for Chicago Fire, is closing the rest of the firm down and the former client suggested I contact him to see if I could pick up their portfolio….

      Which I initially kind of jumped at, but after thinking, got to wondering how tasteless and vulturish I wanted to seem.

      So yeah, send me the Kraken too.

    • mikey says:

      I have now done my due diligence. This here Kraken fellow is only three bucks more than ol’ Sailor Jerry himself, and at 94 proof does not promise a performance hit.

      Therefore, on the basis of Pinko’s recommendation, I shall adopt the Kraken on my next provisioning run. Expect my report anon…

  2. mikey says:

    Hey, you started it.

  3. the barry manilow clip reminded me of this rod stewart song

    • I will unlimber the Rush, charley, you see if I don’t…

    • mikey says:

      Interestingly, that particular Stewart song is on a couple of my playlists. I like the visuals in the lyrics:

      The downtown trains are full
      full of all them Brooklyn girls
      They try so hard to break out of their little worlds

      You wave your hand and they scatter like crows
      They have nothing that’ll ever capture your heart
      They’re just thorns without the rose
      Be careful of them in the dark

  4. Winter
    Snow, blowing
    Ice glued to my driveway like a construction worker to the bottom of a bridge
    The kraken has fled in despair, how oh how shall it eat Cassiopeia
    Without a spud to break through the ice, and opposeable thumbs
    My puppy, a-stuck to the earth by a stream of pee, confused is he
    My wife, under enough clothing that I despair, without a spud to break through cotton or opposeable thumbs
    My tears tinkle to the ground like a christmas tree, still decorated, and thrown off an overpass
    Woe, woe, the sort of sadness not found unless you get hit by a christmas tree, still decorated, thrown off an overpass
    Pass the scotch
    -paleotectonics, Jan 31 2014-

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