Cover Me

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Music nobody listens to, Shovels

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  1. Even though I narcissistically suspect you’re at least partially trolling me, I shall take the bait and say: Jesus God, that was fucking incredible.

    • well, sure. I mean, you comment here whenever there’s a Springsteen reference in the title, and your blog is titled after a Springsteen song. I mean, it’s like when I post a picture of a building sketch with a pink ground line, or anybody else on the internarfles mentions the Mekons…

      Don’t take it personally, though; I troll everybody.

      I dunno if I would call it trolling, though; more like “hey, here’s a thing that (Scott Peterson) might think is cool. Better post it, posthaste!”

      That video, though, reminds me of seeing local Guitar Hero Greg Koch playing a solo gig at Summerfest, and he played ALL of “Stairway To Heaven” on a Fender Telecaster…in time and a half.

  2. Wow. I need to practice my ukulele.

  3. Huh.

    Interestingly (or not, depending), I was searching for some obscure reference that had fallen through one of the charred voids in my brain matter and one of the links the google returned was this one:

    My tiny, circular life, let me google it for you…

    • Sure thing, a hit on that post shows up in the stats. Interestingly, Goofle is encrypting their searches now, and the stats won’t tell me what you were searching for. “Privacy” they say. Hah. bet they tell the NSA.

      Did I ever mention the final names for the kittehs? The white one is Cat Scabies, and the other, who is notable for having the most classic “nobody home” stare that I’ve ever seen, is Princess Monster Truck.

    • Yeah, I know – I do a lot of the inbound web marketing metrics for my company. It was heartbreaking when I lost access to the keywords. The only way to sort of get around it is to track your adwords keywords stats – but of course you pay for the clicks.

      Huh. You think they thought of that?

    • The search term was a bunch of stuff from their routines, because I couldn’t remember the names Burns & Schreiber. But apparently I remembered their names a couple years ago…

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