I was flicking through the channels on the TV/ On a Sunday in Milwaukee in the rain

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Fridge Note, It's not the heat, it's the humanity, Shovels

OK, still busy trying to juggle Robot Creation and Billable Time.  But as I have been reliably informed, posting a video counts as blogging (and since Von never comes here anymore to chide me for not breaking a sweat, I feel relatively safe):

Allowz me to introduce you to My Milwaukee.


h/t to Snag.

  1. LOLOL. Best quote of the day so far (via the Bloggess):

    “…because there’s too much screaming leaking into his conference call.” Boy, can I relate.

  2. Snag says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much how I remember it, although by the time we got to the fifth bar of the afternoon things were getting a bit hazy.

  3. I LOLed at “The Milwaukee Margarita substitutes vermouth for tequila.”

  4. mikey says:

    Watching the Olympics because, well, drinking rum so why not?

    And predictably, there comes the latest WalMart Propaganda.

    Featuring Rush’s “The Working Man”.

    Just thought you’d want to know.

    Carry on…

  5. fish says:

    Those Walton assholes just have to destroy EVERYTHING that is good and pure, don’t they.

    And the Olympics too.

  6. fish says:

    I read the first sentence as “robot creation and bible time.” I just am going on the record to be in full support of bionic Jesus. Just saying.

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