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Posted: February 20, 2014 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Shovels, Turdwaffle and problems

Not much time for a post, but this needs airing (and it does seem to be getting one)

scout_walker_scott_walkerAt a couple of places, notably LGM and Baloon Juice as well as Mock, Paper, Scissors, posters and commenters have been occasionally discussing the 2016 Goat Rodeo.  There has been angst about Scott Walker as the mainstream powerhouse, especially now that Christie is Dead Gov Walking.

I have tried to calm the Chicken Littles; from my vantage point, there has always been a lot of baggage and petty acts that will not play well on the national stage, I have always felt that once the high-power magnification of presidential media circuses would expose him as the vindictive and rather stupid tinpot dictator and rich man’s puppet he is.

And here we go.


During his tenure at County Executive and his campaign for governor, his staff created a second, isolated email system (akin to the proverbial ‘second set of books’ in accounting) for campaign communications, as well as County communications that were less than upright.

For instance, they used it when discussing damage control for the teenagers death when a county parking garage failed and a part fell on him, and the insultingly callous way they discussed the negligent starvation death of a Mental Hospital patient.

He always claimed this happened without his knowledge, and in the first John Doe investigation, Kelly Rindfleisch was relocated to the House of Many Doors (h/t driftglass).  Many of us, though, were disappointed and a bit surprised when that investigation shut down without tagging Turdwaffle.  In Wisconsin, a John Doe investigation is akin to a Grand Jury; and after the recall, a John Doe 2 was started.

Well, this week saw the release of thousands of emails from that first investigation, and now we can see why it went this way.  The scope of the first JD was not extensive enough to investigate the extent of the corruption, and to reach all the malefactors, some of which are likely to be out-of-state.  Also, they were able to re-configure the judges, so that it was more evenly bi-partisan.


The emails directly link Turdwaffle to the felonious second email system, making him a liar and a stupid one.  wisconsin may have some deep red pockets, and the Koch Brothers have made it acceptable for corruption and bought politicians to be acceptable here, but the strong German heritage here is not kind to big fucking liars.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, Talking Points Memo, and Charlie Pierce (among others!) have all been on this.  There’s blood in the water, and the bigs have smelled it.  It’s not even a question whether Turdwaffle can maintain his viability in the Goat Rodeo or the next Gubernatorial election; it’s now whether he can even ride out his current term, and whether he can avoid tenancy in the House Of Many Doors.

Goodbye Turdwaffle!!

you fucknut.


  1. Scott says:

    For the record, this was better’n any Springsteen post.

    I could be wrong, but I always thought his weak chin and bald spot were going to be more than enough to keep him from getting the nomination. Yes, really. Add to that the scandals that’ve been percolating just below the surface.

    On the other hand, while I’m more than happy for the Koch brothers to continue being taken to the cleaners by grifters and conmen like Karl Rove (if not actually Karl Rove next time around, given how well he did last time), I’m not entirely ignorant or happy about how much damage a couple billion dollars in personal blood money can do to our nation.

    • Yeah, I’ve been laying off the political rantage since coming back from hiatus. Always happy to afflict the Turdwaffle though.

      I think, however, that the last couple of election cycles has indicated that there is a ceiling to how much impact throwing a ton of money into a race has. Saturating the media seems to eventually have a backlash effect, and it seems even more pronounced when it’s attack ads.

      Not to say that the straight-up graft and corruption doesn’t also have an impact. I think the more pernicious effect of the Rich Bastards is through backroom sleaze like ALEC.

  2. That’s definitely true. The REAL political power of Money with a capital M is in how it can be used below the surface, under the table, the resources it can control and allocate and the stealthy influence it can be used to generate. The only reason there is so much money spent in plain view is that there is just SO MUCH MONEY. When you look at what American corporations are doing with their record profits – stock buybacks, dividends, hording massive stockpiles of cash – you realize that the amounts being spent are inconsequential, more of a hobby than an avocation. If WhatsApp is worth 16 billion, surely we can throw a mere billion at hopeless loser like Mitt Romney just to see what happens.

    Corruption, whether the traditional kind or the odd American legalized version, is always corrosive to democracy. It undermines the rule of law and distorts the incentives in public policy – something we’ve seen so clearly over and over again.

    I know I’ve said it a million times before, but the toxic combination of a hopelessly antiquated and dysfunctional political system (powerful executive, bi-cameral legislature, absurd obscure rules that utterly fail in a partisan environment) and the most massively corrupt electoral system in the history of history, we have the perfect storm of a broken system that nonetheless serves the interests of the incumbents and therefore has armored itself against political change.

    We all know where this is going, whether in 2018 or 2022 or whenever. When the people feel a sufficient sense of hopelessness and desperation the criminals in power will hang from the lightposts and a new system (or in the case of North America, new systems) will arise. We’ve learned too much about what brings about revolution to believe otherwise…

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