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Posted: March 18, 2014 in Fridge Note, It's not the heat, it's the humanity, Shovels


FUTBOK, just a round of golf claps, Cranberry Vodka cocktails, and unnaturally-colored cookies for EVERYBODY.  Haven’t heard from Von lately, but I figure that’s because she is in a coma of love and affection and perverted band names.


Special recognition goes out to Fenwick, who WENT FUCKING NUTS.  Who knew a Zardoz was such a treasure trove of band names?  Well, OK, we probably all knew that, but he went out and did the fucking documentation.

All in all, I freaked out myself.  Not only did I manage to fix the Damn Empire when it inevitably turned pear-shaped, but when was the last time we all took a Zed over the 500 mark?  OK, I admit that I don’t even remember the LAST Zardoz, let alone other milestones, but considering the state of the Bloggerhood these days, it was fricking awesome.  During a meeting, my cellphone kept making blooping noises in the background, and I could barely keep from cracking up, knowing that I would have to spend thirty minutes after the meeting catching up….

But on to the Bad News.  It is the onset of FIRST Robotics regional season, and as of Wednesday evening we are loaded into the U.S. Cellular Arena, so I will be kind of out of reach until Sunday or so.  And then I might be in a slight coma.  So this blog will be kind of actionless, unless someone keeps going on the VonFest.  Be forewarned I will not be able to fix your comments.  Not that I am predisposed to , because CommentFail is DAMN funny.At the end of the day, I hope Von recognized the affection that we were sending her way, and it helped and is helping her cope with a hard time.  ESPECIALLY the kindnesses sent her way by people that had never encountered her before:  Fenwick, OBS, Landru, anybody else I am forgetting…Zombie Props.005872arf001nSo I will otherwise be busy with BIM work on this crap:2214 designAlla you take a well deserved bow, and to Von:  buck up, lady.  If mikey and I can weather this crap, you certainly can, cuz you are stronger than both of us put together.Flip side

—hey, who the hell ever predicted coming to the Zombie Joint for positivity and encouragement?  Weirdness, which we can probably blame on the Riddled crew fucking around with Space and Time While Drunk.

  1. Update, with MOAR POSITIVITY: A great and good friend of mine, Rory who you may recognize from my Cloud Cult report and many other things, spends his life when he’s not seeing bands with me as a cab driver. Milwaukee has, for many years, frozen the number of cabs in the city even in the face of more demand for cabs; so they finally opened up a few new tags, and since it was restricted to two applications per person, Ror asked me to put a couple in my name, and fronted me the fees. Well, hell, looks like I am now a cob driver! I willa be working with Ror to put a new cab on the streets, and then he will be working for himself.

  2. mikey says:

    Good luck on the robot wars…I’m kinda thinking you should do a live blog kinda thing with pics n shit…

  3. I would’ve spent more time Zardozzing over the weekend but real life (completely redesigning and building the circuitry on the brewery’s digital temperature controller) took precedence.

    Glad you got to witness the SN troll ridiculousness first hand, also, too. Yeah, at this point troofy would be an improvement.

  4. the Riddled crew fucking around with Space and Time While Drunk.

    There are at least two superfluous words there.

  5. Hrm. Last time I visited this dump I was told the blog was private and I wasn’t good enough to comment or even see posts. That zombie, what a snob! I said, the put on my sweatervest and went elsewhere.

  6. mikey says:

    From the Forgot to Mention file:
    Yesterday on the train coming home I had the music player on RanDumb and ‘Roll the Bones’ came on. I had NO IDEA that Roll the Bones was even on my phone. Know what? That is one crappy song. Even aside from it’s painfully unmelodic and repetitive melody, the lyrics are downright idiocy. Man, compared to something magnificent like ‘Closer to the Heart’ that was just agonizing. But because it was Rush I thought of you guys…

  7. hey, here’s a Cool Thing. The Wisconsin Regional is being streamed in HD. I don’t know if they are just doing matches, or whether there will be other programming. Thursday will be pretty slow if they show it, it’s just practice matches. Friday and Saturday are the for-realz matches.

    Our theme song is “Roll The Bones”.

  8. mikey says:

    Your own robot will kick your ass…

  9. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That robot had better be sexy!

  10. bbkf says:

    okay, so you have your robotics club and i have my key club*…except this year we don’t have a key club** and i miss those kids…as frustrating and stuff as they can be…good luck to your team!

    *NO! not *that* kind of key club…these are high school kids ya pervs!
    **no, still NOT that kind of key club…google it…

    • “Frustrating” is not the word I’d use watching three hyperactive teen boys with no actual experience using tools OR reading assembly instructions try to put together a workbench.

      “Sad”, maybe. “A good way to keep them occupied while the rest of us do more critical jobs”. also fits. There are others, but I have to bounce.

  11. bbkf says:

    also, too…i might be drunk and a wee bit melancholy…

  12. Fenwick says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Mr. Zombie person! I had so much fun Zardozing.

    Even moreso because VonFest was held for the best reasons imagineable–mirth and heartfelt support–and all those proceeds are for Von.

  13. herr doktor bimler says:

    Some alleged human beings do not give SFA about music (“reduced behavioral pleasure ratings and no autonomic responses to pleasurable music, despite having normal musical perception capacities”):


  14. mikey says:

    I came by to see if anything was going on at the Empire this morning. Nope, there’s plywood over the windows and yellow crime-scene tape across the door. There are weeds in the lawn and cracks in the driveway. On the gentle breeze off the lake, there is the sweet chemical tang of crack pipes in use. Down the block, a dumpster overflows…

  15. Von says:

    That Zardoz was amazing! It did more for my emotional well being than pretty much anything else. Thank you, I love you all. Ok, no, I like those of you who are new to me, because loving you already would be a bit creepy. Those of you that have been my people for some time now – I love you and I thank you.

  16. 10th row tickets for Elvis Costello in June. Woot.

    It will be in the Riverside Theater, which was built before PAs. Seen him twice there, both times he unplugged everything to do a capella songs into the air. I still get chills, and expect him to do it again. That alone will be worth the price of the tix.

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