Beyond your reach, beyond your grasp, beyond your help

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Yesh yesh yesh, Jonboy Langford has a new album out, and even mikey has noticed.  Yes, of course it is fine; Langford is consistently good, in his “ham-fisted guitar stylings”.

He also traveled to the other side of the world to work with the great Australian musician Roger Knox.

Pub-rock at it’s finest, with the best Welsh lyrics-shouter since Tom Jones.  Levitation indeed.


But he lives in Chicago, and NEVER COMES TO MILWAUKEE!!  Scared of zombies, I’ll bet.  Even if the Mekons did write a song called Big Zombie.


Langford is also an accomplished artist, and I have some of his work in my home; not the good stuff, though, cuz I can never afford it.  I have some stuff from the Mekons also (they create art as a collaborative.  Punks, yanno.  Rules are pffahhh!)

The thing about Langford is his utter lack of pretension.  He comes from a blue collar town and a blue collar background, worked in the first blushings of punk, and maintained his belief in worker’s rights through the 80s and 90s; and outlasted the major labels.  He is approachable and he likes a drink or two.  Or three or fourteen.  So you can see why I likes him.  He has an irrepressible sense of humor, that often takes up more time at a Mekons show than actual music.  And he’s willing to work with ANYBODY, once starting a band from public ads.  He helped create the Executioner’s Last Songs series, which raised money to stop the death penalty in Illinois.  He is, as they say, a Good One.


I have loved his music since seeing the Mekons in a 300 person club, and I’ve seen him in a dozen or so venues since.  I saw him do a performance-art piece about the music industry premiered here in Milwaukee, and in a small punk club.  He is tragically overlooked in the music biz; the proverbial “Critic’s Darling” who can’t make a living at what he is best at.  I know mikey is fully invested in the GMusic thing, but the fact is that artists can’t make a living from streaming services, and people like Langford are more than deserving of your 10 bucks.  If this balding Welsh reprobate can wring ten bucks out of a dyspeptic zombie, you really don’t have any excuse.

And if he, or the Mekons, happen to pop up in your locale, do not hesitate.

My only dilemma, now, is that if I manage to squoze a client or two, should I buy his portrait of Joe Strummer or the one of Joey Ramone?


  1. herr doktor bimler says:

    the great Abo musician
    I strongly, strongly advise against using that abbreviation.

  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    As much as I love Joes Strummer and Ramone, the hagfish is the one to go for… or would be if it weren’t 1,900 smackers.

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