Hole In The Ground

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Fuck You Friday, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Fucking stupid Republicans.  If they secede, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo will probably never play Wisconsin again.



Fucking idiots.  After they’ve destroyed everything else in the State, trashed the economy, raped the land with environmentally nightmarish mines, thrown the poor off healthcare, destroyed the schools, and just generally made the place a Randian shithole, who do they think will care?


Yeah, Fuck You Friday happens on a Wednesday this week.  Hence the dearth of cussing.

But there’s an Aimee Mann/ Ted Leo video.  That’ll have to do, even if they didn’t film any of it in Milwaukee.



  1. Nullification and secession is all the rage right now but the chickenshits will never follow through. Somebody will take it too far and get themselves killed somehow and they will just back down because they don’t have nearly the support they think they do.

  2. “What don’t they know their ass from, Alex?”

    I has teh win?

  3. Their ignorance and their hatred feed their fantasies of heroic gunfights where they slaughter the brown people and save the day for…whatever they are pretending to be ‘fighting’ for. But the whole thing is ridiculous – politically impossible, economically disastrous and objectively criminal in a way that would land them all in federal prison.

    But since their grievances are all imaginary, the remedies they threaten must also therefore be imaginary – like children playing with green plastic army men and pokemon cards, they strike heroic poses and imagine the pride and glory of combat…

    • But since their grievances are all imaginary, the remedies they threaten must also therefore be imaginary

      Umm, I am not so sure that imaginary grievances never result in actual non-imaginary consequences. Ted Kaczyinski, Timothy McVeigh and those two whackaloons in Bostom come to mind. Among many, many others.

      • That’s certainly true, but these pathetic ‘patriots’ skitter quickly away from real threats, instead invoking grand imaginary schemes like secession. McVeigh might have like to talk about seceding, but he was way more into terrorism – and while the act itself was cowardly, like the men who flew those planes into the buildings, it took the courage of fanatic to execute. These guys lack the courage, so they squawk among themselves about ‘sovereignty’ and ‘secession’. They are the grownup equivalent of the kid who tells you if you punch him after school his dad will sue you…

        • Right, the guys who are making these noises are cowards, but they also like to maintain deniability when some whackaloon like McVeigh or this Miller guy takes their words at face value and they kill some innocents because reasons.

  4. Put succinctly, it would suck if they succeeded in seceding.

    • The incompetence of Turdwaffle and his Idiot Minions nearly assures that they would botch this, it is true.

      However, their track record also indicates that they would botch it in a way that harms the environment, throws more people out of work, and costs the state millions.

  5. and here it is from a 2011 San Francisco Hardly Strictly Bluegrass appearance that includes Susie Honeyman but has a DISAPPOINTING lack of Kathleen.

    Been this way for so long now
    I don’t think I’ll ever shake it
    I can feel what little power
    Gettin’ less by every hour
    I stood up above this town
    and watched the rain come pouring down

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