Do To The Beast

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Fridge Note, It's not the heat, it's the humanity


The best part is when he is shooting at the squirrels.

  1. mikey says:

    Where did everybody go?

    Has it become the Empire of the Speechless?

    • Nobody liked the cute lil AT-AT video?

      There’s a later song on the album that gave this scruffy blog it’s name, entitled “Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet” which seems to be the new bloggerhood motto.

      Blow your tuneless trumpet the choice is yours
      I’m going to see the horse doctor
      He’s waiting where the rain comes in
      The fancy shirt I wore is just lying in the drawer
      The girl I used to sleep with I don’t see her anymore
      Blow your tuneless trumpet the choice is yours
      Death belongs to everyone it’s the only thing we have
      Yeah, death belongs to everyone it’s the only thing we have
      I don’t owe nobody I don’t even owe the rent
      I’ve even got some money left I still haven’t spent
      So blow…
      Blow your tuneless trumpet the choice is yours
      We don’t want the glamour the pomp and the drums
      The dublin messiah scattering crumbs
      Just blow…

      Either that or the song “Amnesia” but that’s about the african origins of rock and roll, so maybe that’s not the one….

      For myself, I am insane busy. Post-season Robotics, going back to TKD, and I’ve got six projects on the boards and several things to fix on the House. Plus, it’s pretty much ZomDeck season, so it’s time to sit outside drinking. Tequila, if K ever figures out how much to buy.

  2. oooo, now I am off to listen to the Mekons all day, and drink with the other Robotics Mentors at the Beer Bistro in a few minutes.

  3. Yes, mikey, if no one else will comment on my posts, I will. Self-Zardozing does not make you go blind!

  4. mikey says:

    I’ve lived alone for so long I don’t even notice if I’m talking out loud to myself or not. Sometimes I talk out loud to myself but never move my lips – I don’t need to be able to understand, see, I KNOW what I’m saying…

  5. Whale Chowder says:

    Cute AT-AT is cute. Glad you’re getting steady (?) business.

    • (not) Steady business. Not steady checks. The business seems to be all or nothing. Sigh.

    • Let’s not get out of control here. Out of the 6 projects mentioned, two are small existing commercial projects, one is a large residential garage, one is a potential-historic project which will likely go south when we talk about the level of my involvement and the resultant cost, one is a suburban strip mall type, and the last one is a large project that I will probably not have final control of.

      Whheee! independent contracting is SUCH a fun life! Not as much terrifying fun as at-will wage slave employment, but I would be happy to debate the pros and cons….

  6. Oh, and Scott Walker is a Turdwaffle and a shitty human being. Moar layter….

    • If you guys secede, are you gonna claim that as precedent and secede from Wisconsin yourself? You could make Zombieland a beer-tax-free zone.

      • Hah. Local musician Sigmund Snopek has a spiel in one of his songs where he rhapsodizes about Milwaukee creating it’s own country, and building a dome over the city. We add beer lines to the potable water system, and charge people 10 bucks to get in — 20 to get out.

        Local writer Dakota James also wrote a whole book about the idea.

        But mainly, the Wisconsin ARepublican Party has been fully assimilated by the KochBorg Teabagging nutzoids. Secession is just fan service to rile up the rubes, knowing that they are losing demographic share, not to mention losing the war of ideas.

    • Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

      Too bad it didn’t poop out Walker instead of Jabba.

  7. Fun update:

    For a project on the work-job, I have spent this morning purchasing and setting up a brand new i7 Mac Mini. It’s a really good computer, there’s no doubt. But is it a thousand dollars good? To my company, yes. To me, er, not unless I’m making a helluva lot more money than I’m making now..

    • Well, that was straight-up zombie bait.

      But I think I just discovered that my Airport Extreme Time cube, or whatever the hell they call it, not only lets me access my backups and files remotely, but apparently I can also PRINT remotely to my oversize printers. We’ll see if there’s a drawing printed tomorrow when I roll into the joint, but if so, that would be a huge boon; large format printers are still slow (at least the ones I can afford) and if I can print stuff late at night for morning meetings, it will lessen that early morning stench of desperation.

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