Travels in Nihilon

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Humanity is a virus, It's not the heat, it's the humanity, Shovels

You’ve learnt no lessons
All that time so cheaply spent
There’s no youth culture
Only masks, they let you rent


Very annoying, college drunkards.  accosting recycling containers that offend, pushing them to the ground; winning a battle that means nothing other than the actual property owner needs to pick it up.  I figure their parents are less than proud; unless their parents are part of teh insane Walkerstan suburban ilk that have no idea how to act in a more dense urban environment anyway.


Thanks, asswipes.


IN other news, no news.  Busy busy busy me, to the point that I I find it necessary to pass on BOTH the Snopek Band release show at Linnemanns as well as a Roger Clyne show at Shank Hall  You know it’s serious when I cant find time to see bands, right?

Although it must be said that RonJon the Plastic Senator is finding new depths to plumb when he finds it necessary to use his own campaign funds to trump up a useless lawsuit against the PPACA.  Or maybe he is just litigating against “Obamacare” as a word, since no such thing exists in the federal gobblement.  He is  precious imbecile, but in a legislative body that includes Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert, he is a dim bulb indeed.  If he hadn’t married into money, he would be a franchise manager of some sort at best.


As long as we are using XTC references, here’s the one:

Andy Partridge says it the best and in song.


O moar, you know it:


  1. mikey says:

    Meh. I was less than thrilled with the last RCPM show I saw in SF about a year ago. They’re doing a lot of stuff from Unida Cantina and the sound is markedly different. More rock, even psychedelia, less of the classic Tempe Refreshments/Gin Blossoms/Dead Hot Workshop sound they’ve had up til now. I don’t know that it’s BAD, but it’s different and I don’t handle different from my favorite bands well…

  2. They’re doing a lot of stuff from Unida Cantina and the sound is markedly different.

    It’s a good thing, mikey, trust me on this. I am a Zombie.

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