Wella wella well, I was going to do YET ANOTHER post mocking Maureen Dowd for her inability to fake her way through a drug episode (fully intending to deploy a couple of personal anecdotes illustrating her goofiness)  but before I could get anywhere with it –there are extraordinary demands for zombies, even without considering the Big Gig looming — a Federal Judge made everybody who isn’t a clenched-butthole religious whackaloon start doing a bit of a Happy Dance here in Cheeseland.

Yes, last Friday a Federal Judge invalidated the Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment saying that the people who were in love with people of the wrong opposing genital arrangement would be less equal than breeders.  and did it in a splendid 80 page slap down, explaining why it was stupid.  Without saying stupid.  I would not have been able to.

I particularly enjoy that this was done going into the weekend of PrideFest Milwaukee, because I am in favor of anything that ratchets up our Milwaukee parties into the next level.

I am so thrilled that Wisconsin managed to follow our Upper Midwest neighbors in a not-unreasonable delay.  Now, if only we can kick the stupid ALEC-obeisant rightwing shitheads out of the state Lege, we might be able to start repairing the Turd-damage and catch up to pretty much ever state in the union in job creation and economic development.

ahem.  OK, back the gay gay-ness. Props to the county execs in Madison and Milwaukee for keeping the courthouse open extra on Friday to accommodate the partners who had been waiting so long that they couldn’t wait.

It seems that the shitheads are not going to file an appeal, they are giving up.  Because come on, when your best argument is “your same-sex relationship makes my Imaginary Sky Fairy feel squicky” even your lawyers are going to say “look, your check cleared, but I don’t want my name stapled to this idiocy’.

I, as I am certain every one of you, have gay friends and family.

With regards to this, I always feel like saying something I once heard attributed to Jimi Hendrix: ‘When it comes time for me to die, you aren’t going to do it for me. So don’t try to tell me how to live until then.”  Or something like that.  But the upshot is that my friends and family have to live their lives, hard as it is; they have to figure out their own paths.  They need luck and understanding and compassion, as do we all.

Off in the days of Cow Town Collidge when I was losing myself in college radio station New Wave and punk, I suddenly discovered that I need to pierce my ear.  There was much argument as to which ear was ‘right’ versus which was ‘fag’.  Turns out, When a local jeweler refused (” we don’t do males”) that it didn’t matter, for the most part, to narrow minded bigots.  we rode down to  a Dubuque mall to get the staple gun treatment.

And then I moved to Milwaukee, where a single earring was..okay.  I took that Dubuque staple gun stud, and after a few drinks did a double piercing.  And then, also after a few drinks, pierced the other ear.  We went out with hoops in both ears or multiples in one, and it was the 80s.  Earrings were no longer a signifier of being gay;  or, wearing multiple earrings did not mean that you got beat up. Maybe it was being in an urban environ.

After a horrible week of shootings and other hell on earth, it is worthwhile to note that Wisconsin has not devolved into Gay Dystopia; and that Fascist Turdwaffle marionette AG Van Hollen has been slapped down for trying to tell municipalities to not issue gay marriage licenses yet.  And what pressing State Business is it that requires behind the scenes weekend maneuvering to prevent martriages, Van Hollen?  You squeezebag.


In the end, none of that means much of anything, but anyone finding some form of love does, so you go folks.   I am thrilled that Wisconsin is part of the GheyStapo, now.  And fuck you new gay wedding parties; goddammit, I have bought enough gifts for the breeders so you guys are SOL.  Not to say I won’t drink your alcohol though, so make with the party invites already.


Oh, and fuck off, Turdwaffle.  Just because.  If Eric Cantor can lose, so can you.



  1. Since ‘comments are closed’ on your new post, I’ll just leave this here:

    The Hendrix quote you’re looking for is a lyric in “Axis: Bold As Love”

    “I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”

    • Since ‘comments are closed’ on your new post, I’ll just leave this here:

      I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Thanks for the Hendrix clarification though.

      • Sneaky Zombie is sneaky!

        Also, too:

        To clarify, the song is actually If 6 Was 9 off the Axis album:

        Occurs at 3:30 or so.

        • Which I actually knew because this song is on the Easy Rider Soundtrack, which has been at the top of my rotation for decades or even eons. Of course, I couldn’t take my musical knowledge pride of place because, you know, comments were closed. But I would have been there with a more detailed post on If 6 was 9 and all the other songs I love so much on that album, including that smash hit by the Holy Modal Rounders, ‘If you wanna be a bird’….

  2. because, you know, comments were closed.

    Still no idea what you’re talking about. Are you sure you were sober?

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