Continuous Thunder

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Fridge Note, It's not the heat, it's the humanity, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

We have a summer thunderstorm tonight, and Lucy the Orange, Leaky-ass Chickenshit Dawg is hiding under the bed, while the cats are trying to figure out whether they should be chasing the lightning, the raindrops, the hail; or just generally being shit-scared of the sturm und drang.

the quintessential "all bark no bit" guard dog

the quintessential “all bark no bite” guard dog

Animals.  well, at least they make more sense than Republicans.  Although they also manage to get existentially scared of stuff that really doesn’t threaten them at all.  I like that idea:  The Modern Republican Party:  Terrified and Hiding Under the Bed.

Speaking of which, an excellent discussion of Turdwaffle and other Republican dirtvergers over at LGM.  Based on a superb article kneecapping Turdwaffle at the New Republic; further extrapolation at Political Environment.

Post title is a cheap ploy to get Mendacious D to pop up into the bloggerhood again through referencing a Japandroids song.  It is a faint hope; but I continue to beat my head against the walls that the bloggerhood have throne up.

Also, BG is trying to put together a stoned overnight in Colorado to watch Genesis videos.  She’s weird.

It needs to be said that after dithering for half a year, I pulled the trigger for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  And amusingly enough, we got slightly better seats than my friend who bought right out of the gate.  Anyways, between that on Friday and the Old 97s on Sunday, we are continuing a big ramp up to the Big Gig.  Not to mention the Elvis show of last week, or the Something To Do rock party last weekend.

Me, I finished up the model diagram of the silly little strip building I am working on, and tomorrow have to move into some SERIOUS code work on a 7 story building.  But in the interim, you know who I’m thinking of?

Oh yeah, Chrissie Hynde has released her first solo album, Stockholm and do I have to tell you it is fine?  Of course it is, and here is here first single, official viddy:

Do I have to tell you?  Of course I’ve seen the Pretenders.  Simple Minds opened up, because Chrissie was pregger with Jim Kerr’s spawn at the time.  Coincidentally enough, it was in the same hall which I saw the Clash and will be seeing Nick Cave this week (albeit it has now been drastically remodeled).

(on the same night that we saw the latter-day Clash,  Frank Sinatra was at the adjacent shell; my favorite was the parking structure that has a sign saying “Welcome Clash/Sinatra Fans” like it was some bizarro world double bill.  A Sinatra patron was busted for lighting a pipe, not filled with anything illegal. Ahhh, Milwaukee during Harold Breier’s era.)

And here is how she played it live with The Roots on Fallon’s show:


Jeebus fuck, no wonder Elvis did his last album with the Roots.

  1. mikey says:

    Well, it’s the bloody crack o’dawn, and I haven’t even had any coffee yet, but this ensures that at some point later in the day I’ll roll out the whole pretenders playlist, hook on the new album, and groove on some Chrissie.

    Well I got a smile for everyone I meet
    As long as you don’t try dragging my bay
    Or dropping a bomb on my street…

  2. Scott says:

    I assume you saw the news of a new Genesis documentary? The classic lineup looks great in the new photo, although Tony Banks appears a bit uncomfortable. I’m guessing it’s because, while he finally reconciled himself to the fact that he’ll have to play second fiddle to Phil, having to play third to Phil and Peter is a bridge too far. (I am, of course, talking out of my ass here.)

    • O yes, I saw that Scott. And I will, eventually watch it, probably several times. But I have some reservations and cynicism:

      -as I discussed with another Genesis friend on FB, it is unlikely to have any video that I haven’t seen before. I have several bootleg video discs, and there hasn’t been any indication that there are any really cool repositories of old Genesis videos. Heck, they themselves admit that they never videotaped any of the Lamb shows…
      – even as uncomfortable as they might seem in the stills (and Tony Banks ALWAYS seemed out of sorts; I never thought he felt any problem with Peter or Phil being front dude) I think that its likely that they will insist on it being Happy Genesis Time, and it is unlikely that the friction in the band will ever be discussed.
      – what about Ray?
      -also, I am less concerned about this silly video than if they actually think about doing a new collaboration. As I have said, I recently saw Hackett playing a bunch of Genesis songs, and with the guitar a bit more up front, it was pretty much the best versions of those old Genesis songs I’ve seen.

      Also, let’s move on, shall we? they are all old crappy shitwads, and since most of them don’t feel like doing new music (Hackett does; Gabriel’s recent stuff is LAME), we all should really just file our old memories and move on.

      • Scott says:

        I don’t think Tony had any problems with someone else being the band’s frontman, as long as everyone knew that, in the studio, at least, he called the shots.

        As a Phil fan/defender, I kinda hope he has a very long and happy life and we never hear anything new from him again. His voice is just such a shadow of itself that I find it painful. But I think a single unplugged-type show with the classic lineup could be sweet. I”d love to hear PG sing “Blood on the Rooftops” in such a setting.

        As I think I’ve said before, I wish Tony and Steve would do something together, just piano and guitar, as those two together were magic. Too bad they can’t stand each other.

        Also too: is Scott Walker really in trouble, or is this a fair amount of to-do about little?

        • I would fear that Phil would insist on doing mostly the newer stuff in any reunion setting. During the recent final reunion tour, they went overboard on the latter day stuff, and I would have loved to hear some of Calling All Stations (an album I seem to be alone in liking) or even a bit of abacab.

          i am sorry to hear that his aging body no longer allows him to play drums effectively though. With Phil out of drums AND vocals, they can maybe use Gabriel to sing, and Chester Thompson to play drums. Having seen Hackett play some old Genesis recently, I would love to hear the bite he can bring back to the guitar side of things.

          My guess, though, is that they will hit the media circuit to plug the documentary, and no music will be forthcoming; certainly nothing new. And as I said, I think the doc will be pretty neutered by the band, and that the videos and interviews will be nothing new. I mean, who hasn’t been contacted already in the last 40 years of videos and interviews?

          As to Walker, it seems that Club For Growth miscalculated a bit when they prevailed upon a rightwing judge to try and halt the John Doe II; the decision was appealed and the Appeals decision allowed the court proceedings to be unsealed. So even if the targets manage to weasel out of criminal results, they are now facing some pretty sharp political repercussions. I was a bit surprised to hear Rove was one of the targets; but it seems appropriate for Turdblossom to be cozying up to Turdwaffle.

          Of course, nothing in the newly revealed details surprises anyone who’s been paying attention for the past 15 years

          If teh state Dems and Mary Burke don’t hammer the hell out of these revelations, they’re idiots and don’t deserve to defeat Walker. I think he should be in trouble; but as theNew Republic article details, the ability to make use of the bone-deep white fear and resentment in the state to make a thin-skinned prevaricator and two-bit used coffin salesman like Li’l Scooter into a Fake Statesman is tough to overcome.

          And even if he does go down in flames like a Pinto launched from a Trebuchet on a Very Special Episode of Punkin Chunkin, we will still have to deal with the Republican-Gerrymandered lock on the Lege. So still a lot of work to do regardless.

        • herr doktor bimler says:

          a Pinto launched from a Trebuchet

          You got my full attention right there.

        • Little bit of Reader Service right there, hdb.

        • …umm, as long as you realize that I mean teh FORD Pinto, not a horse. I did not make that plain. BAD writer! NO COOKIE.

        • Smut Clyde says:

          I assumed you meant the car, from the “going down in flames” part, since I never associated horses with spontaneous combustion. Though that may just reflect my ignorance of our equine friends (other than their culinary uses).
          SO go ahead, have a cookie.

        • well, I just wanted to be clear that we were not detonating horses. Especially considering the confusion between Clydes and Bimlers.

  3. Yeah, I reckon I’m just gonna sit here in the shade of the hedge and wait for Wisczombie’s take on the latest Turdwaffle “guilty of everything but child porn but no charges are filed” news. I expect a fair amount of Zomdenfreude coupled with the unavoidable concern that well connected fuckwads never get convicted of anything…

  4. Jeepers, Turdwaffle is having some bad days, isn’t he?


    I am so so busy and will not be able to give this the attention it needs. Charlie Pierce is doing a fair job on it, but the go-to blog is James Rowen’s The Political Environment. Go there and marvel at the contortions that the white-flight suburban hatrons go to in order to excuse his criminal maneuverings.

  5. mikey says:

    Detonating horses?

    Don’t be silly. I read the intert00bz, so I know we detonate WHALES…

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