The Things We Do For Love

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Humanity is a virus, It's not the heat, it's the humanity, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Hah.  I did that screaming sideways post about the permanence of the artistic impulse, and PUNCTUATED it with a the 10cc video.  And then bright and early on Monday Morning, Steve Simels posted a link to an acoustic set done by Graham Gouldman and the batch of dudes he is touring with.

For those of you who don’t know; Graham Gouldman has written more of your favorite songs than you ever realized.  Do you know he wrote Cream’s biggest hit?

I was turned on to 10cc by a friend I worked with when I was in high school.

it is weird to admit, but Kell was older than I and had a deformed hand due to the drugs being fed to his mother.  Regardless, he was a sporto and was considered for the Phillies farm team.  He introduced me to old-school Genesis, as well as 10cc; and also insisted that I also upgrade my standards both for alcohol and pot.

It is very weird to look back, but I was mostly into hard rock and metal , as a suburban mush-head teenager.  But Kell helped me move beyond that (admittedly, I had made some strides already, with my affection for Queen).

And after all these years and miles, I still smile when one of those songs come up on iTunes.  Gouldman and the others in the band are so unbelievably talented, that you can’t help bu be converted by their songs.

This is where I usually exhort you to go and pay the fucking musician; but I suspect Gouldman has oodles of royalties.  But I exhort you on the other side of it, if you like tremendous and superb music, go and download this thing.

what the fuck, it includes a version of Dreadlock Holiday.  And he is an Artist of the First Caliber, so pay fucking attention.  And if you love his work, go our and see a live band or pay somebody for music.

Because that is how it works.

But on a personal note, my personal favorite is One Two Five:


Yeah, the things we do for love.  That’s good.  But here’s the things: we do some things because we love them, right.  But at some point we (everybody) needs to get paid for doing them.  And the Goofle (not being EVIL) and the Spotify  are not actually paying artists at any meaningful level.

What I learned from 10cc is the ability to be good and great and intelligent, while working within the standard.  Conforming while screwing with the status quo.  A love song that is JUST THAT BIT weird.


You want to support musician in this environment of savage race to the bottom lifestyle?  two ways: go to their web site and buy something.  OR: go to a show and buy something.  Or, if you want to be zombie about it, sit your ass down and learn how to play a fucking instrument.  Not only will that give you some idea about how tough it i is to actually play music publicly, it will give you maybe-worthwhile skill when the entire system comes crashing down.


Good Morning Judge, indeed.

  1. Scott says:

    “I’m Not in Love” gets all the huzzahs, and not unjustly, but I’m a sucker for “The Things We Do for Love.”

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    that screaming sideways post
    Did a screaming come across the sky?

  3. mikey says:

    Three times I’ve sent you back from me three times my boat’s gone dry
    And three times I’ve seen the shooting shark lighting up the sky

  4. And the Goofle (not being EVIL) and the Spotify are not actually paying artists at any meaningful level.

    It’s always been the case- the suits rip off the talent. Meanwhile, they claim that “piracy” is what’s hurting the artists and they go after kids who use Napster.

    • It is being done in a different way, nowadays.

      It is worth mentioning the Shoes bio, by Powerpop blogger NYMary, that includes some very pointed remarks about how the music industry over-spent itself in the late 70’s and early 80’s without realizing, until the bills started to come due. Then they clamped down on A&R and back catalog ‘underperforming’ artists.

      It changed the music industry, yes it did. And like in the 70’s, when the music industry accountant-weasels tried to blame it on HOME TAPING, they have tried to point to digital music and downloading. But remember when they wanted to INCREASE prices for CDs, which are actually CHEAPER TO MAKE AND DISTRIBUTE THAN VINYL? They have always been assholes, ever since the MBAs took over radio and records from people who actually LOVED music.

      So they stopped trying to help and develop young bands, and allowing them to evolve and become great. In favor of whatever they felt would be able to be packaged and forced into a large career way before their time, based on production and packaging (hello, Miley Cyrus!). The younger bands have found little support, so selling CDS and t-shirts at shows make their living – along, of course, with whatever marginal hourly jobs they can find that will allow them some time off for short tours.

      The shortsighted asshole antics of the music industry have always backfired on them. The Payola scandals, the fight against cassettes, the hatred of downloading. The people who were on the positive side of those things have made tons of money. But the margins have ALWAYS been taken out of the artists’ asses.

      I know many local bands. None of them expect to make it big, anymore. It’s not going to happen. It’s not even a fantasy. These folks are musicians and ARTISTS and they do it because they love it. They like to make a little money at it, but nobody is under any illusions anymore that they will ever make a living at it.

      And that is a fucking shame. And it is just as much an indicator of America’s decline as is our decrepit infrastructure.

      we have made sure that Young Zombie multi-lingual, and he is working toward a Software engineering degree. And if things don’t change, I will sit him the fuck down and encourage him to emigrate to a non-third world country.

      Wow, that comment got dark. Well, maybe I could make it a real actual post.

  5. Scott says:

    All right, I’ve thought about this for a week and I still can’t figure out which Cream’s biggest hit he wrote. Do you mean the Yardbirds or am I just missing something?

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