Helter Skeleton

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Title is a shout-out to mikey, a song from the new Gaslight Anthem album.  One listen in, they seem to have been going whole hog down the classic round sound, much Journey and Foghat soundishness.  But I may revise that idea.

Some Wisconsin Content:

“They announced the Summerfest schedule!  We should go every day.”  I have said that.  I may say it again.

  1. WP has updated their new post window. I do not like it, Sam I Am.

  2. I’ve heard a couple of singles off the album. It’s pretty good. I’m on the nostalgia tip lately, listening to a fuckton of S.L.F.

  3. I think I said “Bring me another Leiney’s and an order of cheese curds.” when I visited long, long ago.

  4. After having a lousy couple of days struggling with email services and a client who bounced a check (seriously, what kind of idiot bounces a check to a zombie?) the entire WEEK turned around last night when we went to Irish Fest and I skimmed the schecule —


    Followed by local Irish punkers Whiskey Of The Damned.

    Kirwan and the boys haven’t b=played Irish Fest in some time, heck, they haven’t been in Milwaukee for some time. It is gratifying that they made the effort, since they are disbanding at the end of the year, this is their Last Call (also the name of their fine just-released album). They are one of the Zombie Pantheon of Bands To See Live When Given Any Opportunity.

    But BLACK 47!! IRISH FEST!!!

    So. Good.

  5. A lot to chew on for new Who. I may finally be inspired to write some drecky drivel at my own place. One thing I can say is although I’ve never disliked Clara, particularly, this was the first episode where she was a genuine piece on the board, and I liked her quite a bit finally.

    And Spudboy. “Exit the box and surrender.”

    Tonite, although I’ve been spoilered already (someone give my brother-in-law an apartment, please), Packer game. Then more inevitable whining twaddle at my own place.

  6. Also, dude missed :

    “Hey, hold my beer and watch this!”

  7. Okay, since DirecTV has a Board made up of amphibian molesters and Romney voters, I did not get to see teh game. Stats look good – did Tolzien make it to no. 2? My preference anyhoo. Peppers? I think we prolly get one good year, one average year, and how much LB talent has Dom Capers ( with the Wisconsin Swiss defense. Full of holes. Made the same way for hundreds of years.) pissed away over time. Man needs a bag of MD20/20, a BarcaLounger, and a drool cup.

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