Hey, I had an email exchange with MenD on Facehell recently (yes, he IS apparently still alive!  Who knew?  But since the Bloggerhood has turned ghost towny….well, whatever and ever amen, right?) In which he missed an obvious straight line to which the answer should be “no, but if you play a couple of bars I will follow on my accordion”

So I wrote a song…


Alright alright, I RE-wrote a song (happy now?):

I ‘ve got a blog
Evading responsibility 
You’re de ninth person to link 
or comment in a posted  
Linkbait catastrophe 
It’s a minor site but fuck
Augmented by the hostility of commenters 
But if you’re lucky you won’t see
animated goat-se

  1. Animated goat-se you say? Hmmm… do I go with seizure inducing positive-to-negative blinking? Hypnotic colors swirling into the depths? A big winking eye? Such choices!

  2. Also: did somebody say accordion?

    Also, too, just because:

  3. fish says:

    But if you’re lucky you won’t see
    animated goat-se

    Nobody’s that lucky.

  4. Pinko Punko says:

    MenD is on Facesmash????

  5. herr doktor bimler says:

    Helpful Smut is helpful.

Go ahead, tell me how I fucked up this time.

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