Fantasy Fools

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Shovels

Well, that shitstain James O’Keefe has found a way to make himself look even more idiotic:

It’s a rolling lump of straight up paranoid insanity.  You have to watch it to believe it…especially when the dude puts a ski mask on, and then they say “nobody even notices the terrist!”  And since nobody would play along, they had to have a little scripted interaction with terrible accents.  And then, there’s bag full of rice that is labeled “ricin” and the big red ball of Ebola…. it’s a wonderful sticky mess of racism and delusion.

And O’Keefe, you laughable failure, it’s already been done, and far far better:


Jeebus, this guy is such an immense ignoramus with delusions of adequacy.  Isn’t he supposed to be in jail for one or another of his illegal lying hijinks?

Fuck, I hate these people.

  1. Butbutbut, he is pertectin’ us from our own dumbness of not gunnin’ down enough people with accents and endless caches of jasmine rice and nuclear flamethrowers. Why do you hate liberty?

    • Mikey pointed out that ISIS, being mastermind criminal geniuses, can simply strap hellfire missiles to a piper cub and then WHAMMO INSTANT DEATH TO AMERICA STRIKE FORCE. AAAAAAAAAAA WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE IN OUR BEDS LINDSEY GRAHAM SCREECHED IT SO.

  2. mikey says:

    ISIS infiltrators. ISIS sleeper cells. ISIS planning to attack America.

    Um, excuse me. [Raises Hand] I have a question.

    Yes mikey – ask quickly, we could all be dead inside 60 seconds.

    Ok. Um, it’s just that we’ve been wetting ourselves in terror of another terrorist attack since Early September, 2001. Now that it’s been thirteen YEARS and the only terrorist attacks we’ve seen are fucked up Americans with guns, maybe we’re just not at the kind of risk you all keep insisting we are?

    mikey, that’s sounds suspiciously pro-terrorist to me.

    Well, yeah, that’s the thing. I am very much in favor of terrorist enemies who don’t even launch an attack a decade…

  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I only watched the first minute or so, so I may be wrong about this, but I’m willing to bet the farm that there is no investigation on how hard, or easy, it is to get into Canada from overseas with ricin or ebola or your name on a terrorist watch list.

    • Actually, I skimmed a lot of it, but I am not even sure they actually took a boat from Canada to Cleveland. I think they took a boat out on Lake erie, Said “Look! There’s no Coast Guard!” and then floated back in for their little skit…

  4. You online? Das footballen game, involving no felons on our side that I can think of, and just Reggie Bush child abuser and Ndamakong Suh, genocider and charmin squeezer on theirs. Is on, I mean.

  5. It’s gonna be tough to win the Super Bowl from the bottom of the NFC Central….

    • You’ve still got time to become an F1 fan. F1 is full of rich sociopaths just like every other pro sport, but they seem to be mostly inclined to only breaking the laws of various country’s financial systems (and/or “residing” in Monaco so they don’t pay any taxes), rather than beating the shit out of women and/or children. And there’s even like actual females involved in the sport in other-than-eye-candy capacity (although they do have the eye-candy version too, natch, see above re:pro-sports).

      Then I can come on here and do play-by-play with you and confuse all the other onlookers.

      Or, y’know, not.

  6. yeah, except Hells Belles are kind of good…

  7. mikey says:

    Who are we rooting for tonight? I think you guys hate the Bears, right? Which is usually ok because you know you’re going to see Jay Cutler do something ridiculous. I’m not a Bears fan – Ditka was famously rude to San Francisco – but I think the Jets are a lot awfuller, from their coach to their tendency to do stupid things with personnel….

    • nah, gotta root for the Bears to fall down. Don’t give too much of a crap about the Jets…

      • mikey says:

        At this rate I’m about a touchdown from losing interest in this piece of shit. I’m finding it hard to watch the Giants at this point (either they hold on to a wild card slot, in which case I’ll watch the wild card game, or they won’t, in which case I’ll watch the playoffs), so I think we may be onto dinner and music and porn.

        I have started watching The Blacklist on Netflix. It’s kind of stupid, but entertaining in an odd way, and full of really unusual characters (the stewmaster? SRSLY?)…

    • “totally random football stylings of Jay Cutler”…

  8. FFS. Saggy pleather?

    It’s terrifyingly notorious and kind of appallingly universal amongst what used to be called The Bloggerhood. Like Zardoz and PeepFest and 3BullsRadio and putting fish in the freezer.

    Of course, there is no such thing as the Bloggerhood anymore, just shards and dregs of what used to be a common language. I do what I can to remember, but it starts to feel like a Rush sci-fi song, where my memory is barely reinforced by these incoherent blog posts, and I can only try to resurrect the faint ideas of what used to be a vital society….

    • Aaaahhh, back in the day.

      When the whole family went to church for three hours every Sunday morning, and grandma just stayed and prayed so hard for another two hours for someone to get her off the kneeler.

      When children went outside, and with nothing more than a cardboard box, 37 pounds of black powder, and a dream, built a rocketship to the stars.

      When the neighborhood dog, suspiciously well fed in a neighborhood bereft of songbirds, would lick your face when he saw you on the way home from the measles party and two weeks before the measles party.

      When a man took care of his family by giving his paycheck to his high school sweetheart who then used it to pay bills and buy cleaning supplies and groceries and make supper and wrap Joey’s skinned knees in ducttape until next Thursday because Dad’s dues were due for his duties at the Kiwamoose Club.

      When mother watched her stories on the television, wrapped in a blanket on the couch cross-
      legged, like an Native American tribal leader, hands nowhere to be seen.

      When little girls took 17 hours to make a cupcake with a 40W bulb, and when boys read adventure books such as the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew crossover Nancy Has To Go See Her Aunt For The Next Eight Months, and Tom Swift Goes Frog-Gigging.

      I may cry. Hold me.

  9. But I am watching crappy horror movie, solely redeemed by Rebecca deMornay playing an alcoholic rocker-mother, and occasionally posing with a guitar. The artifice is revealed when she will not play a single damn chord, but still…hot drunken woman with a guitar.

  10. Oh, and check out “American Mary” if you like your bloody with black humor…

  11. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Worst cosplay EVER! Wasn’t this bunghole supposed to be under house arrest?

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