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Posted: October 7, 2014 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

You know things are in Serious Shit Mode in ZombieVille when I am being out-blogged by Paleo, OBS, and mikey.  Yeah, busy as shit.  robotics startup, projects under increasingly pressure-vessel deadlines, and a looming vacay.

I would be very sad if I was also being outblogged by  any/all of :fish, Blue Girl, Jennifer or Pinko.

So.  Turdwaffle HockSpit is now obviously NOT running for governor, but running for President.  Dunno who is blowing smoke up his ass, but Jeb stands a better chance, which is none.

Anyway, Same-sex marriage is GO in Wisco.  Even Turdwaffle is admitting that it’s a done deal.  If only the judges had been as willing to pass on the whole Voter ID thing.

But no time for actual blogging about these items or others (like I went and saw the Revenge Of The Mekons movie TWICE during the Milwaukee Film Festival.  And did I mention that the Milwaukee Film Festival actually draws more patrons, this year, than Sundance?  And that the Amazing Randi visited for the showing of his film? Not to mention Joe Angio, who made the Mekons flicktoon. Also not to mention Jon and Sally from the Mekons) so I will just post some pictures of an afternoon’s worth of design time in a urban planning charrette that I was invited to participate in – third time in a row.

This is a redevelopment of a site connecting the urban grid and the residential neighborhoods of a mixed residential neighborhood next to an industrial and commercial corridor, working on revitalization of the manufacturing sites to support job creation and knitting the whole shebang back into the residential areas through a reuse of a rail ROW into a bike/pedestrian Green Artery, and reusing some industrial buildings into a Brewery/Bikery Incubator:

Of course, I included the construction of tilt-up artist loft live/work townhouses that I have been working on developing for an appropriate site – in my SPARE TIME HA HA.


Gosh yes.  Title Lonk.

  1. Jennifer says:

    You’re almost being out-blogged by MenD!

  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

  3. reusing some industrial buildings into a Brewery/Bikery Incubator

    Do you want beer snobs? ‘Cause that’s how you get beer snobs.

    (Also, too: I like the giant tap handles on the end of the building. Nice touch.)

  4. We already have beer snobs. Thing is, a fair number of the Hipster/beer snob crossover demo get snobby about things like Schlitz Tallboys…

  5. Jeezus christ’s tits in a mason jar. Hundreds of millions of eligible american humans, and the best and brightest that our political parties can find to stand up and pitch their hat into the ring are the likes we are seeing? Paul Ryan? Rand Paul? Hillary Clinton? Joe Biden? Jeez, they could get the manager of the local Burlingame Mollie Stone’s and he’d do a better job. What kind of a clusterfuck IS this?

    • American Political Clusterfuck. A tradition since about 1800 or so…

    • Well, as you patiently point out to thunder cat over and over again, politics is the art of the possible. So hundreds of millions of people are NOT really going to be poised to become Preznit, because of all kinds of reasons. You, for example, have an interesting past. While I would make an EXCELLENT President, mainly because the Mekons would play the inaugural and I would spend massive amounts of free money on infrastructure projects and the National Trust For Historic Preservation; I have this questionable post-living lifestyle. While I am not aware of any rules against people serving AFTER death, can you imagine the scandal around the long-form death certificate?

      Myself, I would like to see Bo Black as President. Tom Treblehorn would be first dude, and she’s run World Festivals and Summerfest, making them runaway successes. Not to mention some gamesmanship with the City when it came to rent and police support…

      • mikey says:

        And there’s also the questions around WHY? Why would anybody WANT to be President. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal, and you get the airplane and the heliccopter and the chef and all, but it’s a ridiculous workload and lots of people are always trying to figure out a way to ‘get’ you and there’s always even some trying to figure out how to KILL you. But even so, 2 Bushes and 2 Clintons in 20 years indicates a serious problem with the farm system…

  6. fish says:

    I might actually do a post soon. I think I achieved peak dudgeon a couple of days ago.

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