I am following thunder pant’s path in that because I can’t write about anything else, so here is music:

GASLIGHT ANTHEM IS PLAYING IN MILWAUKEE.  Finally.  Last time they were here, I was bereft, poor and depressed and so skipped.  To make the depress even greater, Good Friend Rory DID see them, and usually can barely repress his ability to tell me how good they were.

Since, then, I tried to see them at Harley Fest, which would have required buying a multiple-day pass at about 100 bones, and then I tried to arrange a show at First Ave in MPLS (admittedly historic venue) which was sold out WAY fast, probably due to local faves the Hold Steady opening.  So this one makes me Jazzed, and it is unbelievably cheap.  I am ordering tickets tomorrow, so I have let potential compatriots know through backchannel.  Respond or be as sad as I have been…

I describe this band as the Clash combined with Springsteen.  But that discounts the songs they write; just like people who discount the Clash as pirating blues and reggae, or that discount Rancid as being influenced by the Clash, or John Wesley Harding as being an Elvis Costello copy.

to which I say:  what, you want them to take influence from CRAPPY artists?

Yeah.  I often talk about the work I do, that builds upon previous architects.  Ignoring those architects is the kind of attitude that resulted in horrible misbegotten urban renewal projects that destroyed neighborhoods and made urban environments the dumping grounds for low-income minorities and problematic constituents. White folks fled to the suburbs, exacerbating those problems.  I work to repair the decades of that shit; and there are other artists that sometimes reflect that struggle.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, as REM once sang.  Building on what has gone before.  Re-creating neighborhoods that used to exist.  Re-knitting fabrics that were torn apart by savage policies that were driven by people who didn’t realize what they were doing, and people who were driven by anti-urban attitudes and racism.  I design things that are modern and contextual, because that is how we move forward and knit new development into damaged neighborhoods. And, fuck me , but it’s how we make things better…

It’s hard.  It’s not something that we can make registration marks that show those marginal increases…but it is something that is still managed.

And there are musicians who remind us of the proper point of view.

I am so stoked to see Brian Fallon in a small venue; I always tell people that his band are a mix of Clash and Springsteen.  I have been stiffed on seeing them at the Harley Fest, and at a performance at First Avenue, so fuck it.

  1. I have obtained tickets, notwithstanding the borderline coherence of the above post. It is General Admission, so my quickness on the trigger is for naught; but fuck that, I AM GOING TO FINALLY SEE THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM!!!!!

  2. mikey says:

    I got turned onto Gaslight Anthem by Spencer Ackerman. And unlike any other band, I bought all their CDs (at the time, 2 or 3, can’t remember now) immediately after hearing them. Some of their songs are transcendent – and that’s more than you can ask for….

  3. I just now noticed the snow changes depending on where your cursor is relative to the window.

    And that video for “Handwritten” was pretty good.

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