Zeroes And Ones

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Fridge Note, Shovels

First of all we shall make the most important disposition: That Maple-Rum Cookies with Candied Bacon Garnish are not as amazingly tasty as they should be.  Admittedly, they were my first attempt at a complex bake process, and they were pretty good.  There were not as good as predicted, and maybe future practice is indicated…they were decent cookies.  Not great cookies.  Unsure whether the recipe is at fault, or my skills…

Secondly, let’s get this out of the way.  Scott the Turdwaffle was crowned, and his slanted-ass, goofle-eyed, bizarre and doomed effort in the 2016 Goat Rodeo is well under way.  To the point that his obsequious and passive Republican Lege is even balking at his Alec-inspired monetary giveaways to the oligarchy are a bit too much of the bald raping-and-pillaging.

But other, more important things, things that have much more impact on the future, impinge.  Yes they do:


And, while we have the amazingly generous schedule of SIX GODDAM WEEKS to design, build, and burnout this robot; there are some people who make it in THREE FUCKING DAYS:

The best thing about that is they work from/toward a simple design concept:  Minimal completion.

I usually introduce the team with the idea that “We won’t have enough time.  We won’t have enough money.  We won’t have enough people.  Welcome to every project you will ever participate in for the rest of your life.”

Oh, and yes this shit has to happen:

5041 approved schematic design


So I will not be able to reliably update the Empire, except for the most minimal updates by photos/ videos/ two sentence semi-blog posts.

“They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine!”

  1. Good luck with the robutts and t’other projects also, too.

    • Thanks bud. We had to cancel tomorrow night’s meeting due to cold, and Friday is probably out also. So 6 days into the season, we are 3 days behind. Not to mention 4000 dollars underfunded.

      Welcome to the Real World, says the zombie to the students…

  2. Incidentally, our robotics team is about $4000 short for this season, so any one of you lovely folks that want to help out, just let me know and I will set it up; then we’ll put your name on our donor list and on the robot.

    As of this point, the early leader for robot name is “Junk In The Trunk”.

  3. Ummm, why are the people in the game reveal wearing wastebaskets on their heads?

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