It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n Roll)

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Fridge Note, Shovels

Hah. judging by the traffic this post is receiving today, It seems like everyone is expecting me to write a gloating Packers post.  OK.


Aaron Rodgers at half-speed is better than Chris Christie’s Bro-Boys at any speed.

or, I could just go Being John Malkovich on you:

Packers. Packers.  Packers Packers Packers Packers. Packers? PackersPackersPackers PACKERS! Packers. Packers. Packers. Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers PackersPackersPackersPackersPackersPackers…. Packers!  PACK-ers.  Packers.


FWIW, Paleotectonics has a somewhat more reasoned response.


Go ahead, tell me how I fucked up this time.

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